Thursday, December 13, 2012

CAIR-Michigan Goes After The U.S. Constitution Newsletter Issue 80


Issue 80
In This Issue:

The 'controversy' is over a bill up for vote in Michigan that states that no foreign law may take precedence over American law or Michigan state law in a Michigan court room. CAIR-Michigan is trying to shoot the bill down.

Rather than promoting a culture that secures equality and freedom of women, Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan is working hard to turn back the last 100 years of secularization. MORE...

More News Analysis:
Brussell's Christmas Tree Felled By Political Correctness
U.S. Policy Defending Sharia, Not American Citizens
Muslim Public Affairs Council Debates
Moral Bankruptcy of Interfaith Groups on Display
Egypt: People Can Vote For Tyranny
Report: Morsi Summons Foreign Jihadists to Terrorize Opposition
U.S. at Crossroads in Response to Morsi
Zealous Prosecution of Religious Hatred Law Borders on Irrational
7 of Top 10 'World’s Most Influential Muslims' Are Islamists
Muslim Brotherhood Puts Jordan in the Crosshairs

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Recommended Reading
After the Arab Spring: How Islamists Hijacked The Middle East Revolts
by John R. Bradley
From the author of the book that uniquely predicted the Egyptian revolution, After the Arab Spring offers a piercing analysis of what the empowerment of Islamism bodes for the future of the Middle East and the impact on the West. Acclaimed author and foreign correspondent John R. Bradley draws on his extensive firsthand knowledge of the region's cultures and societies to show how and why Islamists will fill the power vacuum in the wake of the revolutions across the Middle East.

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