Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Christians are being killed! Help us help them!


Join us to wake up the world to the threat of

Radical Islamism, and ignite change!

With the rise of radical Islamist groups, religious minorities are being persecutedexpelled and systematically murdered in the Middle East. Each month, hundreds of people are killed, raped and abducted. Holy sites are desecrated, churches demolished and homes burned to the ground.

These atrocities can no longer be ignored by global leaders. We must wake up the world!

Our recently-released documentary film - Faithkeepers - will do just that. It shines a spotlight on the untold story of minority persecution and will reach millions, educate policy-makers and ignite change.

Together, we can sound the alarm on Radical Islam’s persecution of minorities.

We deeply appreciate your support and any amount you are able to give. Thank you in advance for your generosity. 

Raphael Shore
Executive Producer, Founder & CEO, Clarion Project

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