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Islamists Try to Mask Their Positions After They're Thrust Into the Spotlight

June 15, 2017

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Leaders Try to Squelch Dar al-Hijrah Female Genital Mutilation Debate

June 14, 2017  •  IPT News FacebookTwitter
One mosque leader says it's time for unity. An international Islamist activist says such discussions shouldn't be aired publicly. Two weeks after the senior imam at the Dar al-Hijrah mosque endorsed partial female genital mutilation
(FGM) as "the honorable thing to do," a clear effort is
under way to try to stifle further debate.

Libyan Security Committee Calls U.S. Muslim Leader a Terrorist

June 12, 2017  •  IPT News FacebookTwitter
A prominent Muslim American political activist is included on a list of 75 terrorists issued by a Libyan parliamentary committee.

Former Obama DHS Adviser Tweets Support for Qatar 

By John Rossomando • June 12, 2017  •  IPT News FacebookTwitter
A former Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) member with Muslim Brotherhood sympathies expressed support for Qatar this week, as the Gulf State finds itself increasingly isolated for its terror support.

Pakistani Law Makes Ramadan a Dangerous Time for Religious Minorities

by Ammar Anwer  •  June 9, 2017  •  Special to IPT News FacebookTwitter
The unconscious man rushed to a Pakistani hospital was covered in filth. Irfan Masih was a sewer cleaner, and stricken by poisonous gases trapped inside a sewer hole. Time was of the essence. But emergency staff at the hospital in Pakistan's Sindh province refused to treat Masih, a 30-year-old Christian, until he was thoroughly washed.

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Fatah's Al-Sheikh: 'Ending Payment to Terrorist Kin 'Not Up for Discussion'

Officials Probe U.S. Cleric's Possible Influence on London Attackers: Sources

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Gulf Crisis Seen Widening Split in Syria Rebellion

June 14, 2017  •  Reuters FacebookTwitter
Confrontation between Qatar and Saudi Arabia is creating unease among Syrian rebels who expect the crisis between two of their biggest state backers to deepen divisions in the opposition to President Bashar al-Assad.

U.S. Places Onus on Hamas for Gaza Crisis

June 14, 2017  •  The Jerusalem Post FacebookTwitter
Hamas is responsible for the humanitarian crisis, the Trump administration said as 2 million Palestinian in Gaza struggle to live on four hours a day of electricity.

London Gave Shelter to Radical Islam and Now It's Paying the Price, French Terror Expert Says

June 14, 2017  •  Ha'aretz FacebookTwitter
British law enforcement struggling to cope with a burgeoning wave of terrorism? It's the ghost of the Raj,
British rule in India, that has come back to haunt Britain,
says Gilles Kepel, a leading French expert on fundamentalist Islam and the author of "Terror in France: The Rise of Jihad in the West."

Did the PA lie to the U.S. Secretary of State?

June 14, 2017  •  Palestinian Media Watch FacebookTwitter
Contrary to the statement by U.S. State Secretary Rex Tillerson that the Palestinian Authority's "intent [is] to cease the payments" to families of terrorist "Martyrs" who "have committed murder or violence against others," PA leaders are denying that they will stop financially rewarding the terrorists.

Hamas, Hezbollah 'Not Terrorists,' Russian Envoy to Israel Says

June 14, 2017  •  Times of Israel FacebookTwitter
Russia's ambassador to Israel has said that his country does not consider the Islamist groups Hamas and Hezbollah to be terrorist organizations, as they have not carried out attacks on Russian territory or against Russian
interests abroad.

Egypt Said to Offer Hamas Electricity in Exchange for 17 Wanted Men

June 13, 2017  •  Times of Israel FacebookTwitter
Egypt offered Hamas more freedom at its border and much-needed electricity amid a severe power shortage, in exchange for the terror group agreeing to a list of security demands, Arab media reported Tuesday.

Qatar Brings Lobbyists into Gulf Showdown

June 13, 2017  •  The Hill FacebookTwitter
The standoff in the Middle East over Qatar is quickly becoming an intense lobbying battle in Washington.

ISIL's Discourse is More Common Than You Think

June 13, 2017  •  The National FacebookTwitter
The debate about Islamic extremism is sometimes easier to have in the Middle East than in the West. Even describing terrorists as Islamist radicals could make people in the West uneasy, understandably because such labels could incriminate Muslim communities or for fear of sounding Islamophobic. I noticed the difference after I moved out of the UAE in 2015.

Report: Israeli Cyber Teams Hacked ISIS Bomb-Making Cell

June 13, 2017  •  Israel Hayom FacebookTwitter
According to New York Times, Israel found blueprints for a bomb capable of evading airport security, prompting laptop ban. "The intelligence was so exquisite that it enabled the U.S. to understand how the weapons could be detonated," report says.

Tillerson: Abbas has 'Changed Policy,' Will Stop Paying Terrorists' Families

June 13, 2017  •  Times of Israel FacebookTwitter
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told senators on Tuesday that the Palestinian leadership had changed its policy and intends to stop paying the families of terrorists jailed for attacking or killing Israelis.

Google and Facebook Face Penalties if They Don't Stop Online Hate

June 13, 2017  •  The Guardian FacebookTwitter
Technology companies such as Google and Facebook must do more to curb the "poisonous propaganda" that fuels terror attacks such as the atrocities in London and Manchester, the prime minister has said, launching a UK-French pact to explore new ways to curb the spread of
online hate.

U.S., Europe Seek Measures to Avert Expanded Airline Laptop Ban

June 13, 2017  •  Reuters FacebookTwitter
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security will meet European officials this week to discuss new security measures that could prevent the U.S. government expanding a ban on laptops beyond flights from ten airport primarily in the Middle East.

A French Jew's Killing Provides a Test for the New Macron Administration

June 13, 2017  •  Jewish Telegraphic Agency FacebookTwitter
Before he threw Sarah Halimi to her death from a window of her third-story apartment in Paris, 27-year-old Kobili Traore called his Jewish neighbor "Satan" and cried out for Allah.

Saudi-Hamas Relations on Verge of Complete Rupture

June 13, 2017  •  Al-Monitor FacebookTwitter
The relationship between Hamas and Saudi Arabia is currently in a stalemate, and tension is expected to intensify in the coming days in light of the Saudi crisis with Qatar, Hamas' most important ally among the Arab states

U.N. Job Posting Lists Location as Jerusalem, State of Palestine

June 12, 2017  •  The Jerusalem Post FacebookTwitter
The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) recently posted a job offering on its website, listing the duty station for the position as "Jerusalem, Palestine (State of)," The Jerusalem Post has discovered.

ADL Chief 'Deeply Upset, Troubled' by Presence of Anti-Israel Groups Among Signatories of Statement It Endorsed Defending U.S. Muslim Community

June 12, 2017  •  The Algemeiner FacebookTwitter
Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), said on Monday he was "deeply upset" and "troubled" after discovering that a public statement opposing anti-Muslim bigotry which his organization recently endorsed was also signed by a number of radical anti-Israel groups.

One Year After Pulse Nightclub Attack, Orlando Sentinel Gaslights Omar Mateen's Motive

June 12, 2017  •  PJ Media FacebookTwitter
During the attack, the killer Omar Mateen called 911 three times and also called a local TV station to claim credit, saying he did the attack in support of the Islamic State. But in a trend I've documented here at PJ Media, despite these
obvious "investigative clues," there are media outlets,
family members, and law enforcement officials who still
puzzle over Mateen's motive.

An Islamic Terrorist by Any Other Name

June 12, 2017  •  RealClear Politics FacebookTwitter
What should we call the vile killers of London, Manchester, Fort Hood, Boston, Nice, and Paris? For years, our leading politicians have danced gingerly around that question, preferring to call them simply "terrorists." No modifiers.

Red Crescent Chief Tells of Hamas Betrayal While Delivering Aid in Gaza

June 12, 2017  •  The National FacebookTwitter
Emirates Red Crescent staff came under attack from Israel in response to Hamas fire from a Gaza hospital where they were working, the charity's secretary general said at the Crown Prince's Majlis on Monday night.

Alan Dershowitz Explains Why He is Assisting a Group Accused of Promoting Female Genital Mutilation

June 12, 2017  •  Jewish Telegraphic Agency FacebookTwitter
Alan Dershowitz is advising a Muslim group accused of promoting female genital mutilation to instead adopt a variation of the Jewish circumcision ritual.

Saudi Paper: Hamas in Gaza is Worse Than ISIS in Syria, Iraq

June 11, 2017  •  Israel Hayom FacebookTwitter
In a rare and scathing criticism, a Saudi Arabian newspaper has compared Hamas to Islamic State, saying that what the Gaza Strip-based terrorist group was doing in the enclave "exceeds what Islamic State does in Syria and Iraq."

Saudi Arabia Instructs Ban of Books by al-Qaradawi

June 11, 2017  •  Anadolu Agency FacebookTwitter
The statement issued by Saudi Arabian Education Ministry under the signature of minister Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al-Issa said all books by Yousef al-Qaradawi, the chairman of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, should "immediately" be pulled off from schools, universities and libraries.

Hezbollah in Latin America is a Threat the U.S. Cannot Ignore

June 11, 2017  •  The Hill FacebookTwitter
The convergence of Iran-sponsored radical Islam with transnational organized crime in Latin America is a serious threat to the national security of the United States, especially in the tri-border area, or TBA, where Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay converge.

Amid Pressure for Qatar to Cut Ties, Hamas Delegation to Visit Iran

June 10, 2017  •  Times of Israel FacebookTwitter
A senior Hamas official said Saturday that a delegation headed by the group's leader Ismail Haniyeh would visit Iran in the near future as the terror group struggles with a possible loss of its main source of international support.

UNRWA Discovers Hamas Tunnel Under Gaza Schools

June 9, 2017  •  The Jerusalem Post FacebookTwitter
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency announced on Friday that they discovered on June 1 a tunnel under two of its schools in the Gaza Strip: The Maghazi Elementary Boys A&B School and the Maghazi Prepatory Boys School, which are located on the same premises.

2 Americans Led Double Lives as Hezbollah Agents, Officials Say

June 9, 2017  • FacebookTwitter
Two men traveled repeatedly to Lebanon for years, leading double lives as regular Americans and terrorist operatives for Hezbollah, according to US law enforcement officials.

Qaradawi: The Top Advocate of Suicide Bombings

June 9, 2017  •  Al Arabiya English FacebookTwitter
Yusuf al-Qaradawi is an Egyptian Islamic theologian based in Doha, Qatar, and chairman of the International Union of Muslim Scholars. He is the first Egyptian on the terror list announced by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain.

UN: We are Not Bound by Saudi Arabia's 'Terror List'

June 9, 2017  •  Al Jazeera FacebookTwitter
The United Nations says it is not bound by Saudi Arabia's "terror list" after the kingdom named several high-profile Qatari charities that carry out life-saving work in war-torn and impoverished countries.

Mosque Leader Quits Over Decision Not to Fire Imam Who Praised Female Genital Mutilation

June 9, 2017  •  The Daily Caller FacebookTwitter
Imam Johari Abdul-Malik, formerly director of outreach for Dar al Hijrah mosque, formally resigned Friday when the mosque's board failed to meet his demand to fire senior
Imam Shaker Elsayed, according to an AP report.

'You're a Vile Disgrace to Women and All Mankind': Courtney Love Attacks Palestinian Women's Rights Activist in Twitter Tirade

June 8, 2017  • FacebookTwitter
Courtney Love has slammed a pro-Palestinian activist and accused her of being an 'anti-American fraud' in a Twitter tirade. Love fired off a series of messages at Linda Sarsour - who helped organize the anti-Trump Women's March earlier this year - on Wednesday, June 7.

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