Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June 2017 Update.

June 2017 Update.
Florida Family Association is taking action across America on several fronts thanks to your support. 

Florida Family Association is successfully countering Media Matters’ attack on Sean Hannity.  USAA reinstated its advertising with Sean Hannity while several other companies rebuffed Media Matters report that their companies had stopped advertising on Sean Hannity.  Media Matters is targeting companies that advertise on Sean Hannity because of his conservative values.

Florida Family Association first responded with an email alert that reported that USAA had succumbed to Media Matters pressure by stopping its advertising on the Sean Hannity Show.  The email alert asked people to send emails urging USAA to start advertising again.  Thousands of people sent emails to USAA officials through the Floridafamily.org action email center.  USAA responded quickly by reinstating its advertising with the Sean Hannity Show.

Florida Family Association responded with another email alert that provided an email that people could easily  send to most of Sean Hannity’s advertisers to urge them to continue to support his show.   Thousands of people responded by sending emails to encourage advertisers to stay with Hannity.   InterContinental Hotels Group, GoodRX and Ring.com responded to emails from Florida Family Association supporters by stating that Media Matters’ claims about them dropping Hannity were erroneous.

New email alerts will be prepared for the companies that Media Matters reports as having stopped advertising.  The email alerts will be similar to the one prepared for USAA in that it will encourage people to send emails urging the company to reinstate its advertising with Hannity.  A new email has already been launched to urge Viking Cruises to reinstate their advertising with Sean Hannity.

Huffington Post attack fails to remove Catholic high school teacher who taught the historical truth about Islam after Diocese officials received thousands of emails.  The Huffington Post’s “Documenting Hate” project that defends Islamists failed to influence the Catholic Diocese of Orlando to fire a teacher who dared to teach the historical truth about Muhammad.  Smythe recently used Saint John Bosco's writing on Islam in his 6th grade social studies class.  The Islamist propaganda machine Huffington Post found out that Saint John Bosco's writings were critical of Islam and immediately went public, attacking the teacher for sharing them.

Florida Family Association launched an online campaign to defend Mark Smythe.  Thousands of people sent emails through the Floridafamily.org email action center to the Bishop and Superintendent of the Catholic Schools urging them to retain keep Mr. Smythe as a teacher.

Florida Family Association placed two calls to Blessed Trinity Catholic School on the morning of June 2, 2017 and spoke with two receptionists.  The first receptionist said that Mr. Smythe was out for the summer and that he would return next year.  The second receptionist transferred our call as requested to Mr. Smythe’s voice mail.  It appears that Mark Smythe will continue to teach history and social studies at Blessed Trinity Catholic School.

Military counterterrorism trainer Patrick Dunleavy was cleared of CAIR’s accusations and false news.  Patrick Dunleavy is an instructor for a course in the United States Air Force Special Operations School called “The Dynamics of International Terrorism.”  “The Dynamics of International Terrorism,” is offered to active duty, Reserve and Department of Defense civilians.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations issued a letter to AFSOC Commander Lt. Gen. Bradley Webb to demand the Air Force cut its ties with Patrick Dunleavy.  In a press release, CAIR claimed Dunleavy is associated with an “anti-Muslim propaganda mouthpiece, and has made a number of false statements betraying a personal prejudice against Islam and Muslims.”

Florida Family Association launched an email and social media campaign that encouraged thousands of peopled to urge several defense officials to make national defense a priority over political correctness.

Patrick Dunleavy wrote a June 2, 2017 article for The Investigative Project which stated in part that "a group of military officers, which included two commissioned officers who serve as Muslim chaplains in the United States Air Force, is complete. Their findings; Nothing in my course curriculum was found to be denigrating to Islam or Muslims."
The judges at the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals declined to reverse a Maryland federal court order that halted President Trump’s travel ban.  Thousands of people sent emails through Florida Family Association’s email center to each of the seventeen judges urging them to make public safety a priority over politics by reversing the district court’s restraining order.  The outcome for the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals will likely be the same.  President Trump is appealing to the US Supreme Court.

Florida Family Association continues to influence more and more companies to stop supporting pro-Islamist web sites with advertising dollars.  Our numbers continue to grow.

•    Four hundred twenty (420) out of four hundred thirty nine (439) companies have stopped advertising at Huffingtonpost.com since Florida Family Association started contacting advertisers in April 2016.  Ninety six percent (96%) of the companies stopped advertising as of May 31, 2017.   We have eight (8) ongoing email campaigns that target companies who are advertising at Huffingtonpost.com.

•    One hundred six (106) out of one hundred twelve (112) companies have stopped advertising at Aljazeer.com since Florida Family Association started contacting advertisers in February 2017.  Ninety five percent (95%) of the companies stopped advertising as of May 31, 2017.   We do not have any email campaigns targeting companies that advertise on Aljazeera.com at this time because of the strategy that we are following.

Florida Family Association has numerous ongoing campaigns focused on Defending American Values against Islamization of America.  To see these campaigns please go to Floridafamily.org.

Your support is very important to our ability to continue the fight. 
To make your donation by credit card, debit card, checking account or PayPal please click here or mail your gift to Florida Family Association (FFA), PO Box 46547, Tampa, FL 33646-0105.  If you would like to support our efforts with a monthly donation but don’t want the inconvenience of taking the time to do so each month please consider selecting Yes for monthly donations at the top of our donation web page.
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