Tuesday, June 6, 2017

TUESDAY Security Update: FBI Nabs Suspected Leaker of Top-Secret Information to Media

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breaking news light
breaking news light
The Intercept said the document had been "provided anonymously" and had been "independently authenticated."

Three Islamic terrorists slaughtered innocent civilians and injured numerous others in London on Saturday, but it didn't have to be that way.

More than ten years ago all NATO members agreed to spend at least two percent of their gross domestic product (goods and services produced) on defense spending to ensure all of them are at a satisfactory defense readiness level.

Since its inception, Pakistan has operated according to several fundamental principles: Punjabi ethnic supremacy, fear of India, political control by the army and, lacking ethnic cohesiveness, using Islam as a domestic and foreign policy instrument.

The Post's premise -- the centrality of Horowitz in that "shadow" universe supposedly fueling the rise of Donald Trump -- could not be more wrong, or more absurd.

In 2015, she extolled Sharia law, which among other things allows men to marry four women and sanctions wife beating and child brides.

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Mayhem on the streets of London Saturday night no longer can be attributed to "terrorism." We must henceforth treat what is happening to one of our closest allies as nothing less than an insurgency.




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Monday's (June 5) White House Daily Briefing Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders & VA Secretary Shulkin 

sarah huckabee sanders _ wh press video Deputy press secretary

Confused by fake news? Get the real story here

White House Daily Briefing Following an announcement by Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin on electronic health records as a way to make treatment for veterans easier, Deputy Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders briefed reporters and responded to questions on a range of issues. She announced that President Trump would not invoke executive privilege to stop former FBI Director James Comey from testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee (CSPAN)

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