Monday, October 23, 2017

2 Places You Don't Want to Go in Europe

2 Places You Don't Want to Go in EuropeOpen pleas for help for no-go zonesRead
News Analysis
Iran Grabs Kirkurk; Claims 'Victory Over the US'America's abandonment of the Kurds has consequencesRead
Who in the Middle East Has Pledged Allegiance to ISIS?From Afghanistan to Gaza, groups are lining upRead
Help Free American Pastor Andrew BrunsonThe pastor was arrested in Erdogan's post-coup sweepRead and Help
Readers Write
“Using political correctness was the worst thing for world leaders to practice on these murderous idiots.”
“Homophobia is used as an excuse to discriminate against Christians, but not Muslims. Why? Because that isn't really what this is really about. The goal is to erode the moral foundation of the West in order to destroy it -- and that means isolating and disarming Christians because Christian values are at the heart of our culture, our democracy, and our freedom.”
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