Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Not Collusion, It’s Clinton-Russia-Obama Subversion and Racketeering

Not Collusion, It’s Clinton-Russia-Obama Subversion and Racketeering

Clinton Russia and the Obama regime were engaged in much more than collusion – subversion, sabotage and racketeering, for starters. And the DOJ cover up continues as…

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Gregg Jarrett opens his appearance on the Sean Hannity program by reminding us of something he’s said before, that the confidential informant Jeff Sessions and the DOJ are attempting to prevent from talking to Congress cannot be stopped.

He says, “The confidential informant cannot be gagged, citing the court case in which the Supreme Court made that ruling.” He shifts topics to what he called the “Clinton Dossier,” fitting since they have now admitted that they, along with the DNC, paid for it.

Jarrett says, “What strikes me is that Christopher Steele went to Moscow and talked to the Kremlin. And gathered [purchased] false evidence.” Noting that the victim is the President of the United States, and Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC was apparently paying for this.

Hannity helps with the explanation, “For propaganda, for lies, for disinformation, from the Russians during the campaign. Oh, Robert Mueller, are you awake tonight?” Jarrett interjects, “If there’s collusion, it’s Hillary – Russia collusion, not Trump – Russia collusion.”

Dr. Sebastian Gorka says it’s time to stop using the word collusion in favor of other, more accurate terminology, such as subversion, sabotaging the political process and propaganda.”

Jarrett says, “What really stinks here, is Mueller, Rosenstein, Andrew Weissmann and James Comey appear to have covered it all up, the Uranium One racketeering scheme of the Russians and money paid to Hillary Clinton and a sleeper agent getting close to Clinton.”

He continues, “They never notified Congress, they have a legal duty to notify Congress, Congress would have stopped the sale of the asset.” Referencing the Obama CFISU Committee that approved the deal, An outraged Sean Hannity states clearly, “They all signed off on it and then all of this money flowed back to them.”

Gorka points out that the same people who have been chasing after witches in the Trump administration, where there was no misconduct, are the very ones who are complicit with Hillary Clinton in the selling out of our nation. He reminds the audience that it’s much more than $100K in Facebook ads, it’s the stuff that nuclear weapons are made with.

Hannity makes the statement that the Clinton-Obama racketeers “sold out America’s national security” and adds the tease of “and there’s so much more to come.” In analyzing the legal fallout, Jarrett raises the issue of the three instances during his confirmation hearings in which Jeff Sessions pledged to recuse himself from anything related to Hillary Clinton.

He cited avenues such an investigation might choose to explore as being not only her crooked deals in Uranium One, but also those involving UBS. That doesn’t in any way prevent him from appointing a special prosecutor for this case and arms sales.

Jarrett says, “All of that can be the subject of a special counsel investigation, and while you’re at it, let’s throw in the email case, because, to me as a lawyer, it is a clear case of the violation of the Espionage Act.”

Briefly listing the events that composed the Clinton racketeering scheme being put in motion, Hannity asks, “What other evidence do you need to know that they were not putting the security of this country as their first priority?”

Gorka answers that none is needed but says the point is really how the establishment dealt with it under the Obama administration, including the destruction of evidence implicating members of the regime by the federal government. He says, “Mueller has to be fired and right now, AG Sessions has to have a national security special prosecutor.”

Hannity agrees, saying, “The Attorney General needs to wake up now, this is not a game anymore.” He stresses, “Holder, Clinton, Mueller, Rosenstein, [and McCabe] they all knew in 2009 and they approved the deal.” Jarrett adds, “Holder actually sat on the CFIUS committee, if you can believe that. It was a unanimous decision. Hillary Clinton presides over it.”

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