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Jihadists Getting Off the Bus, Islamists Hopping On

October 19, 2017

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Returning ISIS Jihadists Pose Long, Uncharted Challenge

by Abigail R. Esman  •  October 16, 2017  •  Special to IPT News FacebookTwitter
For months now, Western counterterrorism experts have sounded the alarm: as ISIS loses ground, foreign fighters from America and Europe may try returning home. When they do, the experts cautioned, they will carry the terror threat with them, ready and willing to strike.
Law enforcement needs to be prepared.

CAIR Conducted Sensitivity Training for Philadelphia Teachers

by John Rossomando  •  October 11, 2017  •  IPT News FacebookTwitter
Philadelphia's public school system allowed the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to conduct sensitivity training for its teachers last year, CAIR press releases and
school district documents obtained by the Investigative
Project on Terrorism show.

Is Austria's Burqa Ban an Example for America?

by Abigail R. Esman  •  October 10, 2017  •  Special to IPT News FacebookTwitter
With the number of jihadist terrorists in Europe rising, and a concurrent increase in the number of women involved in Islamist terrorism and recruiting, Austria's centrist government passed a bill in May to prohibit all face coverings in the public sphere. 

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Nikki Haley Remarks at UN Security Council: "Nearly Every Threat to Peace and Security in the Middle East is Connected to Iran's Outlaw Behavior"

IPT Senior Fellow Patrick Dunleavy Discusses Fighting Islamist Terror on the Jon Gaunt Radio Show (UK)"

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Pompeo: Al-Qaeda-Iran Connection an "Open Secret"

October 19, 2017  •  The Weekly Standard FacebookTwitter
CIA director Mike Pompeo described the connection between Iran and al-Qaeda as an "open secret" Thursday, a relationship that he and others criticized the Obama White House for downplaying.

U.S. Says Palestinian Unity Gov't Must Recognize Israel, Disarm Hamas

October 19, 2017  •  Agence France-Presse FacebookTwitter
A top aide to U.S. President Donald Trump said Thursday that an emerging Palestinian unity government must recognise Israel and disarm Hamas, Washington's first
detailed response to a landmark reconciliation deal
signed last week.

Report: UN Promoting Anti-Semitic Hate Groups, Terrorism

October 19, 2017  •  The Washington Free Beacon FacebookTwitter
The United Nations has formally endorsed and approved scores of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hate groups that promote terrorism against Jews from within the halls of Turtle Bay and elsewhere, according to a new report that exposes how these organizations have been granted privileged status by the U.N., potentially in violation of the
international body's own bylaws.

Israel Called 'Child Murderers' at Inter-Parliamentary Union, May Quit

October 19, 2017  •  The Jerusalem Post FacebookTwitter
Arab and Muslim delegates verbally harassed Israeli representatives and made noise to drown out their speeches, without intervention from the Inter-Parliamentary Union's president.

Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary is Refused Permission to Appeal Against His Conviction for Recruiting Extremists for ISIS

October 19, 2017  • FacebookTwitter
Hate preacher Anjem Choudary has been denied permission to appeal against his conviction for being a recruiting for ISIS. The 50-year-old cleric and his disciple
Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, 34, were each jailed for
five-and-a-half years after signing an oath of allegiance
to the terror group.

Wannabe Aurora Terrorist Gets 15 Years, Thanks Feds for Arresting Him

October 19, 2017  •  Chicago Sun-Times FacebookTwitter
A judge sentenced [Abdella Tounisi] Thursday to the maximum penalty he faced — 15 years in prison. But before he learned his fate, Tounisi turned to a federal prosecutor and said, "thank you."

Man Convicted in Plot to Behead Blogger Over Cartoon Contest

October 18, 2017  • FacebookTwitter
A man who authorities say fell under the influence of the Islamic State group was convicted Wednesday of plotting to behead a conservative American blogger for organizing a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest.

Quebec Passes Bill 62 Forcing Public to Uncover Faces to Give or Receive Services

October 18, 2017  •  Toronto Sun FacebookTwitter
Calling it a North American first, the Quebec government passed legislation Wednesday forbidding anyone from receiving or giving a public service with their face covered — and even while riding the bus... .The Quebec national assembly has passed a controversial religious neutrality bill that obliges citizens to uncover their faces while giving and receiving state services.

Saudi Arabia to Vet Use of Prophet's Sayings to Counter Extremism

October 18, 2017  •  Reuters FacebookTwitter
Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, is to monitor interpretations of the Prophet Mohammad's teachings to prevent them being used to justify violence or terrorism, the Culture and Information Ministry has said.

Despite Threats, Arab Group Remains Committed to Defending Israel on U.S. Campuses

October 18, 2017  •  The Algemeiner FacebookTwitter
A delegation of Israeli Arabs who are fighting the delegitimization of the Jewish state on college campuses remain committed to sharing their message in the United States, despite facing threats back home and unexpected obstacles from allies abroad.

Iraq War Victims Allege Pharmaceutical Companies' Bribery Led to U.S. Troop Deaths

October 17, 2017  •  USA Today FacebookTwitter
The families of dozens of U.S. troops killed or injured during the war in Iraq filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against several U.S. and European pharmaceutical and medical supply companies, alleging that the corporations knowingly financed the anti-American militia Mahdi Army
through bribes and kickbacks to officials at a government
ministry controlled by the group.

Al-Azhar Grand Imam Slams 'Calls to Allow Homosexuality as a Human Right'

October 17, 2017  •  Ahram Online FacebookTwitter
The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmed El-Tayeb slammed on Tuesday what he described as calls for allowing homosexuality as a human right, Al-Ahram Arabic news website reported.

Chelsea Bomber Ahmad Rahimi Found Guilty of All Charges

October 16, 2017  •  New York Daily News FacebookTwitter
Terror bomber Ahmad Rahimi was found guilty on Monday of detonating a shrapnel-packed explosive device that injured 30 people on a terrifying night in Chelsea. The Manhattan Federal Court jury deliberated for three and a half hours before returning its verdict against the New Jersey man radicalized during a 2014 visit to his native Afghanistan.

Ottawa Academic Hassan Diab Still in Legal Limbo in Paris Prison

October 16, 2017  •  Ottawa Citizen FacebookTwitter
As he approaches the beginning of his fourth year in a maximum-security Paris prison, former Ottawa professor Hassan Diab remains in legal limbo more than two months after a judge closed his investigation into the case.

Stephen Flatow: While U.S. Is Silent, Belgium and Norway Act Against Palestinian Incitement

October 16, 2017  •  The Algemeiner FacebookTwitter
European countries are not exactly known for their love of Israel. Yet recent actions taken by the governments of Norway and Belgium suggest that, in at least one important
respect, those two nations have gone much further than the
U.S. in confronting the problem of Palestinian incitement
against Israel.

Trump's Iran Speech Finally Sets Facts of Sham Nuclear Deal Straight

October 14, 2017  •  The Hill FacebookTwitter
President Trump has not yet pulled America out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. But he just took a vital step toward doing so, in a landmark speech on Friday that in plain language dismantled the dangerous fictions on which the deal was built.

Iran Blamed for Cyberattack on Parliament That Hit Dozens of MPs, Including Theresa May

October 14, 2017  •  The Daily Telegraph FacebookTwitter
Iran was responsible for a cyberattack on Parliament that hit dozens of MPs, including Theresa May, Whitehall sources have told The Daily Telegraph. The unprecedented "brute force" cyber attack in June lasted more than 12 hours and compromised around 90 email accounts.

'Soldier of Allah' Avoids Terror Charge Due to Facebook Settings

October 13, 2017  •  The Daily Telegraph FacebookTwitter
A self-styled "Soldier of Allah" who threatened to blow up a hospital escaped terror charges because of his Facebook settings. Leroy McCarthy, 22, a Muslim convert, described murdered soldier Lee Rigby as a "white coward who invades countries and rapes people" and said he planned to leave the UK to "join my people's cause".

(Mis)Reading the IAEA reports on Iran's nuclear program

October 10, 2017  •  The Hill FacebookTwitter
The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) last week admitted an inconvenient truth. The U.N. watchdog, said Yukiya Amano, has proven unable to verify Iran's compliance with Section T of the 2015 nuclear deal, which prohibits activities that could contribute to the
development of a nuclear explosive device.
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