Monday, October 23, 2017

Another advertiser drops HuffPost thanks to your emails.

GNC stops advertising at  Your emails made the difference.
Thank you for supporting Florida Family Association's email campaigns.

It appears that GNC has stopped advertising at  The company stopped advertising after Florida Family Association launched a second email alert that reported the company was blocking emails sent through the action email server.  Florida Family Association supporters were encouraged to send emails using their own email software. 

The Florida Family Association office sent emails that urged top GNC officials to stop advertising at  These emails provided information about calling the American military racists, fundraising for CAIR, defending the Muslim Brotherhood and publishing Islamist propaganda.  However, GNC continued to advertise.

Florida Family Association sent out email alerts that encouraged thousands of people to send emails that urged GNC officials to stop advertising at 

GNC stopped advertising shortly after Florida Family Association’s last email alert and has not advertised since.

Thank you for supporting Florida Family Association’s email campaigns.  Your support is making a difference.


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