Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Shocking Statistics on Teaching Islam in American Schools

Shocking Statistics on Teaching Islam in American Schools First hand from a former teacher in Florida Read
Time for Davis, CA Imam to Get Canned His apologies are too late and his denials are insulting Read and Sign
Can We Clear the Air About Taqiyya? 'Every Muslim who is against political Islam is spouting taqiyya.' Really?? Read More
Readers Write
“It would appear nobody bothered to watch the video, read the content within the article nor bothered to do their own independent research outside of mainstream media who is spoon feeding you. Unconscionable, how anyone could be on the side of these monsters over Israel.”
- M.R.
“Qudrat has publicly acknowledged the incompatibility of Sharia and the Constitution, in favor of the the Constitution. It's an irrevocable break with Sharia that conflicts with Constitutional law, a declaration of opposition to Islamism, and his loyalty to our Constitutional regime. That is what this Muslim running for Congress has done. America’s Muslim enemies will identify themselves by condemning him and calling him an apostate.”
- M.H.
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