Monday, May 29, 2017

Iran’s Hassan Rouhani Calls for War on Islamophobia — Not Terror

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Iran’s Hassan Rouhani Calls for War on Islamophobia — Not Terror


Iran’s Hassan Rouhani had a somewhat curious reaction to the terror suicide bombing in Manchester that left 22 dead — mostly women and children — and dozens more injured, and it went like this: Crack down on Islamophobes.
The face of evil: Hassan Rouhani wants Muslim leaders to crack down on Islamophobia around the world — and instead of fighting jihadists, fight the public relations battle to make sure Islam looks good in the face of the public.
What about cracking down on Islamic terror?

Well, Rouhani was more concerned about the face of Islam, and maintaining its facade of peace, than about rooting out what Islam apologists say is the radical few.
Just goes to show: It’s the whole religion, stupid. It’s not simply a few wayward lone wolves.
From Far News Agency:
“Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in separate messages to Muslim world leaders urged them to do their best to fight the scenario of Islamophobia as pursued by the western countries.
“‘No doubt the responsibility of all leaders, thinkers and scholars of Islamic countries is to explain and promote the lofty goals of Islam in the month of mercy, to use moderation in behavior and action and to provide a clear image of the religion to confront the inaccurate crises enemies create under Islamophobia,’ Rouhani’s messages sent to the Muslim leaders on the occasion of advent of the Holy Month of Ramadan.
“President Rouhani reiterated that Islam’s moderate face to the world would make it a place free from violence and extremism….
“In relevant remarks in December, President Rouhani lashed out at US President Donald Trump’s remarks against the world Muslims.”Unfortunately, today, certain individuals across the world, under the pretext of combating terrorism, announce that Muslims should not be allowed into other countries and this is while these individuals are themselves among founders and supporters of terrorism,” President Rouhani said, addressing a cabinet meeting.”
As Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch noted: In the eyes of Rouhani, and those of his pro-Islam ilk, it’s not so much jihadists who are the problem. It’s Islamophobia.
Spencer writes:
“Rouhani is calling upon Muslim leaders to step up the demonizing and stigmatizing of those who call attention to the reality of the jihad threat.”

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