Friday, May 26, 2017

Tired of being deceived?


I recently returned from a fruitful trip to Europe where I work closely with the Center for the Study of Political Islam International and a team of dedicated volunteers.

I spoke at a seminar for Swiss law enforcement, with politicians and media, and gave a well-received public lecture in Warsaw, Poland.

Currently, there are 7 CSPI centers worldwide. The mission of the organization is to educate citizens, media and political leaders about the true nature of Political Islam.
For more information:
CSPII website

Video Updates
Each month, you'll receive my latest videos and updates on my projects. Watch my most recent video: Human Rights, Sharia Wrongs. Islam boasts of its superiority, but the Sharia shows us that it is a system of superior brutality.

In related news: On Saturday, June 10, 2017, ACT for America is having a March against Sharia rally in cities across the nation.  Check out March Against Sharia -- March for Human Rights.

Something New
I want to introduce LEARN POLITICAL ISLAM, the first private online learning community dedicated to studying the doctrine of political Islam and how it affects our life, security and culture. Using the CSPI Foundational Method, this program offers access to my books, in electronic print & audio formats, and includes interactive group Q&A sessions with me. If you are confused about Islam and want to learn about its political doctrine that concerns you and other non-Muslims, click here: LEARN POLITICAL ISLAM

Whether you're looking for audio, print, PDF or even a particular product in a foreign language, you'll want to keep an eye on our CSPI bookstore.

The Foundations of Islam
A Self-Study Course

Our best-selling study course covers the whole scope of Islamic political doctrine. When you finish this short course, you will know and understand the foundations of Islam, Mohammed, and Allah.  And you will understand the Koran. Paperbacks and Audio CDs.

Various Formats Available

Sharia Law for Non-Muslims
Our #1 Selling book!

Sharia Law for Non-Muslims is the perfect introduction to Sharia law. It also makes the perfect lobbying tool to educate politicians ,leaders, and officials.

Various Formats & Volume Discounts Available


Amazon Review: Sharia Law for the Non-Muslim
Essential Reading...excellent and concise explanation ...Every aspect of the law is explained with a reference to the corresponding passages in the Koran or Hadith. The book is brief and can be read in it's entirety in one or two sittings. There is no bias nor "message" the author is trying to convey...It is purely a scientific analysis of the Islamic scriptures which explain the basis for Sharia law. The reader is left to draw his or her own inescapable conclusions. —Eugene

Our mailing address is:
CSPI Publishing
PO Box 90806
Nashville, Tn 37209

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