Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Troops on the Streets as UK Ups Threat Level to Critical

Troops on the Streets as UK Ups Threat Level to CriticalThe prime minister deploys 5,000 soldiers to guard key sites.Read
VIDEO: ISIS Threatens US; Boasts New WeaponsSend us your reactions to this video.Watch
Navy SEALS Kill 7 Al-Qaeda Operatives in YemenThe operation was the deepest U.S. special forces have gone into Yemeni territory.Read
News Analysis
White Supremacist Converts to Islam, Kills Nazi FriendsHis neo-nazi friends objected to his conversion.Read
Iran is Now Pro-American? Ask the BBCBBC World News anchor Katty Kay worries Trump's trip will antagonize Iran.Opinion
Readers Write
“Oh, that is rich.”
“Both ideologies have similar supremacist tendencies if you go too fundamental. There really isn't that much of a difference between (true) nazis and islamists.”
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