Friday, May 26, 2017

US Plan: Drive a Stake Through Heart of ISIS

Erdogan's AK Party Adopts Brotherhood SymbolThe iconic Brotherhood "Rabia" symbol is now the official sign of Erdogan's Islamist party.Read
'Canadian' ISIS Member on Suicide MissionThe truck bomber speaks in English before launching his attack.Watch
Philippines Boils as ISIS Insurrection Leads to Martial LawPresident Duterte promisesan iron fist against terrorism.Read
Israel Detains Jews For Praying At Judaism’s Holiest Site15 people were detained to avoid “provoking” Muslim sensibilities.Read
Readers Write
“Too tolerant of intolerance out of fear of being called racist, with some leftover feelings of guilt from the colonial era.”
“They've obviously had a drastic change of heart in the last few months....”
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