Friday, July 14, 2017

Sweden Succumbing to Sharia Law?

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Sweden Becomes a Failed State

This past month in Sweden, an Afghan refugee was sentenced to only one month in jail for raping a thirteen year old boy.

Rapes & sexual offenses at a popular outdoor
 Swedish music festival led to Sharia compliance. Next year's festival is cancelled. Rape jihad is the Sunna of Mohammed. Music festivals are haram. The purpose of jihad is to put Sharia in place.

The Swedes have submitted.

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How many times have you heard this, Islam just needs a reform? Here's the bad news -- it is impossible to reform Islam. I want to demonstrate why. It's almost like a mathematical proof.

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Richard Sacks invited me on Lost Arts Radio to examine the primary elements of Islam: Women, Slavery, Koran, Mohammed, Q&A, Sharia & more. Even if you have read all of
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The Islamic Doctrine of Women

The role of women in Islam is very different than in our civilization. According to the will of Allah, women are to be subjugated to men in all things. They must lead their lives according to a doctrine that is based on the dictates of the Koran and how Mohammed treated his wives and the other women around him. [More here...]

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"Nothing to dislike about what is said here. I think it is eye opening read for those men who love their women, sisters, mothers and close friends. Furthermore, this should be a mandatory read for all high school girls. I gave 5 stars because it represents the truth about this ideology
" — Rudythegreat
The Doctrine of Slavery
An Islamic Institution

The modern historical theory of slavery is that white men brought Africans to the Western hemisphere, where they were sold for profit and put to work as slaves. The modern theory is true as far as it goes, but it does not go nearly far enough. Slavery goes far beyond the 300-year period when whites bought slaves from the Muslim wholesalers on the West coast of Africa. [More here...]

Various Formats Available

"Easy to read but not simplistic. This book will give you the basics of Islam's support of slavery and its hand in slavery since its inception. Everyone needs to have concise accurate info on Islam to understand world, national and most likely local events to evaluate correctly what you are hearing."—LeeS


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