Friday, October 13, 2017

The latest from Dr. Warner

Battles have consequences.

There comes a time in life when a person must stand for something or stand for nothing.  The Polish people know what Islamic migration would do to their country, and this acknowledgement was the driver for their standing up and praying en mass in commemoration of the Battle of Lepanto. In this naval battle of 1571, the outnumbered Europeans fought and won against the Muslim Ottoman Turks. Their show of spirit and deep devotion to their religious beliefs and the ideals of Western Civilization is to be commended. I hope they continue to stay strong in their stance.

If only Americans knew their own country’s history and would commemorate defeating the Muslim Barbary States pirates who took the jizya from ships sailing the Mediterranean in the early 19th century, I would be a happy man.

What I admire about Islam...
We can learn from Islam; it contains extraordinary genius.
Muslims want to win, while we just want to tie. We need to study the winners so we don't become losers.

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Richard Sacks of Lost Arts Radio interviews Dr. Bill Warner

K-Pub, learn by doing.
Some people in Hungary have organized a group called 'Kafirs in the Pub' or K-Pub for short. It is modeled after Oxford's 'Skeptics in the Pub', which is dedicated to the development of critical thought and challenging discussions.

K-Pub meets regularly to discuss political Islam in a friendly environment and learn from one another based on the knowledge and methods found in my CSPI books. 

Inspired by Hungary, San Francisco has started a K-Pub group that meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month. If you live in the SF area and are interested in joining, email me or start a K-Pub in your area!

Providing you with weapons for the current ideological war.

Factual Persuasion
Changing Minds of Islam's Supporters

When you realize the true nature of Islam, you may want to persuade others. Then you discover that they have their minds filled with the “establishment” version of Islam and give you their justifications that support it. Factual Persuasion is written for those who want to be effective in persuading others about the true nature of Islam. You learn the powerful method of fact-based reasoning.
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Various Formats & Volume Discounts Available
For those who want to educate as many as possible on the perils of Islam. Bill Warner's book is the best guide you will find. I've studied Islam for the past decade and have been teaching it for 3 years. Warner's work is invaluable.
—Stephen Blanton, Author of The Heart of Islam.
A Simple Koran
The Reconstructed Historical Koran

The standard Koran is arranged by length of chapter, not by chronological order. A Simple Koran recreates the historical order of the Koran of Mohammed’s day. The first chapters start with Mohammed’s first recitations and the last chapters are those he recited before he died. Mohammed’s life gives the Koran clarity and meaning. It becomes a powerful, epic story. Finally, a Koran that you can read and understand.
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Various Formats & Volume Discounts Available
A Simple Koran solves the learning-curve problem of Westerners who want to delve into the Koran itself. It is written in modern “newspaper” is ordered chronologically...and...Mohammed’s life is woven back into the Koran, giving all-important context.
—F. Rosenzweig

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