Tuesday, October 17, 2017

CAlR Exec Given More Than He Can Handle At Indoctrination Session

islam doesn't like dirty kaffers who know the hate and killing verses in their war manual the quran!!!

CAlR Exec Given More Than He Can Handle At Indoctrination Session

cair ayloush

Viewers of this video may recognize the patriot who gets into a heated debate with the speaker from other instances where they challenged anti-American officials, often regarding the corrupt officials promoting the illegal invasion or attacks against President Trump, such as those engaged in by Rep Maxine Waters.
In this instance the villain he confronted on Tuesday, October 11th, is a guest speaker at Scripps College, an all-girls and of course that includes any men who want to pretend they’re a girl, in southern California. The speaker is Hussam Ayloush, Executive Director of the Los Angeles chapter of the Council of American-Islamic Relations.
It’s important to understand what Ayloush is saying and why. When he says “we” in his speech, he’s really meaning “you,” telling the audience how they need to change to accommodate him, CAlR, and other Muslims, regardless of whether they are radicals, violent or threatening.
With that in mind, he tells the group, “We can’t understand discrimination and racism and bigotry unless we humanize that group that is being discriminated against, because actually, the best way to ending discrimination is for us to humanize each other and know about each other.”
Understanding what Ayloush really saying, his message is that those in his audience, who are inherently bigoted by virtue of being Americans, particularly if they’re also burdened by the myth of “white privilege” can’t understand their discrimination against Muslims unless they accept them as being harmless and just like them. He knows they’ve got those tendencies and beliefs because they’re all bigots, he can tell just by looking at them.
Ayloush continues spreading the CAlR propaganda, saying, “It is my job to learn about others and if I have negative feelings or unfavorable views about a community, it’s not their fault. It’s my fault.” He’s projecting and lying again. Nobody pays him to go out and learn about others, his job is as a propagandist, to convert others to his way of thinking.
In utilizing the CAlR humanizing tactic he’s really saying that if someone has negative views about Muslims, it’s their fault for thinking that way, not the fault of the argumentative, would-be conquerors or based upon their propensity for violence and terrorism. Those facts can’t be taken into consideration, everything is, he claims, the result of prejudice and “xenophobia.”
The Grindall61 patriots came prepared with the one guy, very familiar with the Koran, calling Ayloush on his lies and distortions. He gives him everything he can handle and then some.

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