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Eye on Iran: 'Let Us Be Free': Iranian Women Mount Protest over Stadium Ban at World Cup Match

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Iranian women, who have been banned from soccer stadiums in the Islamic republic since 1980, have taken their protest to the globe's biggest sporting event: the World Cup. For the first time in the tournament's history, female soccer fans staged demonstrations inside a stadium, hoisting posters against the ban during Friday's match between Iran and Morocco in Russia's cultural capital.

Iran's oil exports fell sharply in the first two weeks of June, offering an early signal that U.S. President Donald Trump's re-imposition of sanctions may be discouraging some buyers. 

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has blamed foreign media for the recent economic turbulence in his country and lamented the fact that Iranians trust foreign outlets more than domestic ones. 


Iranian President Hassan Rohani plans to visit Austria and Switzerland next month, the two European countries said on July 18, amid continued uncertainty over the future of the 2015 nuclear agreement between Tehran and world powers.

Ex CIA Director, retired General David Petraeus said on Sunday that he  welcomes the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. Speaking at an event in Israel, the former top US spy said the move will lead to much greater pressure on Iran, not just in areas covered by the nuclear deal, but  also the Islamic Republic's missile program and Tehran's malign activities across the Middle East.


French carmaker Renault will maintain its presence in Iran despite the risk of penalties for breaching renewed US sanctions, CEO Carlos Ghosn said Friday. "We will not abandon it, even if we have to downsize very strongly," he told shareholders at the annual shareholders' meeting in Paris, since this would give the company an advantage "when the market reopens."

In a sign of the 180-degree turn in America's Iran policy under President Donald Trump, the United States has formed a joint team with Israel to enforce economic sanctions against Tehran.

The German government has set up a special office to advise companies worried about their business dealings with Iran amid fears they'll be targeted for U.S. sanctions. 

Even with Iran threatening to block an increase in OPEC's oil production, Saudi Arabia still has options.

The world's fastest-growing oil consumer is guzzling down Iranian crude before US sanctions start squeezing supplies from the Persian Gulf nation.


Syrian state media said on Monday that U.S.-led coalition aircraft had bombed an army position in the east, causing deaths and injuries, but the U.S. military denied it was responsible.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday told his weekly cabinet meeting that he spoke over the weekend with both Russian President Vladimir Putin and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, reiterating to them the importance of booting Iran out of Syria.

Israel will strike against Iranian efforts to entrench itself militarily throughout Syria, and not only along the Syrian-Israeli border, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russian President Vladimir Putin and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over the weekend.

The recent skirmishes between Israel and Iranian forces in Syria raise important questions about the "rules of the game," interests, and red lines of the primary players.


Iran has executed a member of a Sufi order who rammed a bus into police as they tried to disperse a rally, killing three of them. The official website of the judiciary says Mohammad Salas was hanged early Monday. Salas had testified in March that he was trying to get away from the clashes and had not intended to harm anyone. The clashes broke out in February when supporters of Sufi leader Nourali Tabandeh rallied outside his home, fearing his possible arrest.

A spate of violent antigovernment demonstrations have rocked Iran in recent months, challenging the clerical establishment that has forbidden public dissent and has a history of cracking down harshly on unauthorized protests... In a move intended to placate protesters, the government on June 11 approved a proposal by the Tehran City Council to designate 12 specific locations where authorized protests can be held in the capital. The initiative, however, is widely seen as an attempt by the government to control such protests.

Authorities in Tehran cancelled plans to allow families to watch Iran's World Cup football opener against Morocco on Friday in the stadium and public parks of the Islamic republic's capital. The Islamic republic is thought to be the only country in the world that refuses to allow fans to gather in open public spaces for the World Cup, possibly due to opposition to the idea of men and women watching together.


The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was allowed to use the Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport as their base of operations by Hezbollah, according to a Washington Times report on Friday. The report stated that the IRGC are playing leading roles in many of the ongoing wars that are going on in the Middle East, such as in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.


Arab coalition aircraft bombarded Houthi fighters holed up at the airport of Yemen's main port Hodeidah on Monday as a senior alliance official said he hoped U.N. diplomacy could coax the Iran-aligned movement to cede the city to "save the population."

The Yemeni army shot down an Iranian-made drone that belongs to the Houthi rebels over Hodeidah province, reported the state-run Saba news agency.

Houthi rebels are threatening to blow up the airport terminals of Yemen's key port city of Hodeidah, said a spokesman with the government forces. Lt Omar Saleh, spokesman for the Yemeni Army's former elite Al Amalikah brigades - rebuilt with the help of the United Arab Emirates - said two Houthis who had been detained during fighting had admitted that the Iran-backed group was planning to destroy the terminals if government forces pursued their offensive on Hodeidah.


The U.S. is getting its way through coercive sanctions. It would be helpful to show the allies some respect.

Reviewing current regional circumstances, Jordan announced deciding to not send an ambassador to Iran and opt for operating the Jordanian embassy with minimum staff. 

A short video published online by the Fayez family of Jordan reveals the fragile web of relationships King Abdullah must balance to keep his throne.

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