Friday, June 15, 2018

FBI and DOJ - Why Aren't They Talking?

FBI and DOJ - Why Aren't They Talking? The Justice Dept. says potential terrorists are slipping through the cracks Read More
Bill Aims to Stop Funding Terror Education The US contributes millions to the Palestinian Authority, including funding textbooks Read More
Banning Al-Quds Day's Support for Terror Why are Hezbollah flags waved in Western capitals? Read and Share
Are We Too Scared to Talk About Pulse? It's the 2nd anniversary of the massacre and no one is talking about radical Islam Read More
Readers Write
“I've scanned through a few web sites that talk about disengagement and deradicalization attempts. After a cursory look at these pages, they seem to be trying replace Islamic ideology with secular humanism. That might have something to do with the failure rates.”
- B.Q.
“I recommend that men and politicians who support the Burkha to show their support by wearing it all summer.”
- M.W.
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