In March we published an article concerning a Mexican presidential candidate, Ricardo Anaya, campaigning in California. Not kidding.
With millions of constituents in California, who also probably vote in US elections, it makes sense, right?
Well, that was then and this is now, and another Mexican presidential candidate, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, an extreme leftist, has found that campaign strategy brilliant and fruitful, campaigning in over a dozen US cities, resulting in a sizable lead in the polls, which, if accurate, will make him the next president of Mexico on Election Day (July 1).
Among Obrador’s major campaign planks is calling for a mass exodus of Mexicans to invade the United States. But, not only Mexicans. Obrador is calling on people worldwide to invade the United States, a massive and overwhelming influx of illegals immigrants from across the globe, as it is his belief that people from all over the world have a right to live in the United States, legally or illegally, American law be damned!
I consider Obrador’s incitement an act of war and it should be considered such by President Trump, the State Department, and Congress.
One thing is certain – when Mexican presidential candidates cannot be elected without campaigning in the United States as that is where such a critically important voting bloc of Mexican nationals reside, then We the People know we have a VERY serious illegal immigration problem.