Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Eye on Iran: Most French Firms 'Won't Be Able to Stay' in Iran: Minister

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Most French companies hoping to continue doing business in Iran after the US imposes new sanctions on the country will find it impossible to do so, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said Tuesday.

The United States and human rights watchdogs have condemned Iran's execution of a Sufi man who was convicted of killing three police officers during clashes between police and a Sufi sect in February... Salas's supporters have said he maintained his innocence but claimed he was tortured into a forced confession.

The chief of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard has criticized Iranian activists who signed an open letter last week asking Iran's leaders to take part in direct talks with Washington, saying they have "sided with the U.S., the enemy of the people."


Unreliability, half measures and intermittent chest thumping won't result in stability in the Middle East. It's past time to get serious - and detailed - about countering the Iranian threat. Investing in the region, supporting our allies and stymieing our enemies are far more important than the circular firing squad in Washington on what to do about the Iran nuclear deal.


Pending policy decisions on reimposing sanctions will give Washington opportunities to calibrate its arsenal of measures against illicit Iranian financial activity.


The possible withdrawal of French oil major Total from Iran's South Pars gas field has not slowed down the project, a senior Iranian official said, adding that Tehran is in talks with Russia's Gazprom over the development of two other fields.

In the wake of President Trump's summit with Kim Jong Un, might it be worthwhile to propose a similar meeting with Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei? Such an offer isn't as fanciful as it sounds, and could put useful pressure on the Iranian regime.


Congress is headed for a probable showdown over President Trump's recent deal to lift certain penalties against Chinese telecom giant ZTE after the Senate overwhelming passed its version of an annual defense authorization bill that would reimpose those punitive measures... ZTE was effectively banned from the U.S. market because the company broke U.S. restrictions to sell products in North Korea and Iran.


Israel declined to comment on Tuesday on a weekend air strike against an Iraqi paramilitary base in eastern Syria after its US ally implicated it in the attack. The Sunday evening strike against the Al-Hari base on the Syrian side of the border with Iraq came less than 24 hours after Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would strike Iran's "proxies" anywhere in Syria.

Tehran must re-adjust its policy in Syria a day after an airstrike killed and wounded dozens of Iranian-backed Shi'ite Kata'ib Hezbollah members in Syria near the Iraqi border. The first of its kind strike, targeting Iraqi militias who have been crossing into Syria to aid the Assad regime since last year, sought to cut off Iran's "road to the sea" by striking at a strategic area near the border town of Albu Kamal.

A former Israeli government minister, once imprisoned for trying to smuggle drugs, is back behind bars after being charged with spying for archenemy Iran, the country's internal security agency said Monday. 


UN human rights experts* are making an urgent appeal to the authorities in Iran to halt the execution of Mohammad Kalhori, a young man who was sentenced to death at 15 years old for killing his teacher.


How Recent Protests Could Revive Ahmadinejad's Fortunes in Iran | Giorgia Perletta for the Atlantic Council

Until recently, few observers inside or outside Iran gave much weight to the notion of a comeback for discredited former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad... Yet the challenge to the political system from this current appears not only to have persisted but to have grown in light of widespread protests that erupted late last year in provincial towns and cities. The protests, over the high cost of living, corruption and unemployment, have echoes in Ahmadinejad's political propaganda and his perceived role as the champion of the "dispossessed" (mostazafan), the urban and rural poor.

The former chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces, Hassan Firouzabadi, is squatting in a mansion that belonged to the former Shah of Iran, according to a letter published by a conservative university group. 


Troops backed by a Saudi-led coalition stormed the airport compound in Yemen's main port city Hodeidah on Tuesday after fierce battles with Iran-aligned Houthis, residents and Yemeni military sources said.

The UN's hopes of negotiating a ceasefire with Houthi rebels in the vital port of Hodeidah in Yemen appear to have been dashed after the Saudi-led coalition backing the Yemeni government said it would only accept the rebels' unconditional withdrawal from the area.

In a telephone call with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Qatari Emir said he reiterated that relations between Doha and Tehran were "developing on daily basis."


Lebanon's Foreign Ministry has rejected claims that it is obstructing the extradition of a Lebanese national in Paraguay for his alleged drug trafficking and money laundering activities, arguing that the "contents of a Foreign Policy article are inaccurate and out of the scope of reality."

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