Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Eye on Iran: US Intelligence Officials: North Korea Will Sell Nuclear Tech to Iran

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While the Trump administration is still touting its supposedly successful summit with North Korea - even claiming that Pyongyang is "no longer a nuclear threat" - senior U.S. intelligence officials worry that a new security challenge is emerging: that the Kim regime could sell advanced, long-range ICBM missile technology to rogue states like Iran.

Iran's nuclear chief said on Tuesday that Europe's proposals to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal after the U.S. withdrawal from the pact were not satisfying for Tehran, warning that all sides would lose if Iran is sidelined by the West, the IRNA state news agency said

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has publically opposed joining a global anti-money laundering convention... Earlier last week the parliament suspended debate on joining FATF for two months out of fear that membership could thwart helping Iran's allies abroad, including Lebanon's Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas.


US President Donald Trump's recent foreign policy moves make it more likely that Iran will attempt to make a nuclear bomb and bring Israel closer to war, former IDF intelligence chief Amos Yadlin said on Sunday. Speaking at a Tel Aviv University conference on national security and cyber issues, Yadlin said the North Korea summit will push Iran to renew its uranium enrichment and eventually pursue a nuclear bomb.


Iran's oil minister said Tuesday he didn't expect OPEC to reach a consensus on boosting oil output this week, saying Tehran was against any increase and threatening to turn the cartel's meeting into an unusually contentious one. 

President Donald Trump's attempt to politicize the oil market should be castigated by OPEC, according to Iran's energy minister. The U.S. president has sought to publicly intervene in OPEC's policymaking ahead of a key meeting for the 14-member oil cartel on Friday, complaining in a pair of tweets that the Middle-East-dominated group is to blame for crude prices recently soaring to multi-year highs.

Iran put itself on a collision course with Saudi Arabia at this week's OPEC meeting, rejecting a potential compromise that would allow a small oil-production increase to appease energy consumers. 

Iran wants to discuss the scale of possible oil output adjustment as part of a global deal with Russia, TASS news agency said on Wednesday, citing two unnamed sources.

Iran oil minister Bijan Zanganeh says the real responsibility for the current oil price hike lies with the U.S. President.


Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported on Tuesday that Israel carried out an airstrike on a Shi'ite militia in Syria with the approval of both Moscow and Washington.


The United States says it is "deeply concerned" by reports that Iran has arrested a lawyer who defended a religious minority member executed by Iranian authorities on Monday for allegedly killing policemen.

Tehran's largest football stadium is to admit thousands of women together with men for the first time since the the Islamic revolution of 1979 as World Cup fever grips Iran for its Wednesday evening group game against Spain.

Iran captain Masoud Shojaei said on Tuesday that the World Cup was the wrong place to discuss the issue of women being allowed to watch football matches at stadiums in the Islamic republic. Iranian women are expected to be in the crowd at the Kazan Arena on Wednesday when their country takes on Spain, taking advantage of an opportunity not available to them back home.

Twelve years ago Kat Khosrowyar arrived in Iran on holiday. Now she's driving a revolution in women's football there


Both President Hassan Rouhani and First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri have publicly slammed underperforming government ministers, but few believe it will lead to a Cabinet shake-up.

The Chief of Staff Iran's President is saying that the administration plans to create two new government ministries - commerce and roads - and add them to the Cabinet. The semi-official Tasnim news agency on Tuesday quotes Mahmoud Vaezi as saying the ministries will be headed by "younger and new faces," without elaborating.

In another era, Reza Pahlavi, the son of the last shah of Iran, would be an ideal candidate to lead an Iranian government in exile... Now, as Iran is reeling, why wouldn't the U.S. get the old band back together? There are two reasons. President Donald Trump himself says his goal is not to change Iran's regime, but to change its behavior. The other more important reason is that Pahlavi himself is not interested in the gig. 

Seven weeks after Iran's conservative-led judiciary banned the secure communications app Telegram inside the country, Iranians are still reeling from the change.


Officials in a Saudi-led coalition battling Shiite rebels for control of a crucial port in Yemen on Tuesday displayed weapons captured on the battlefield that they say show Iran is arming the insurgents.

Soccer fans from Israel and around the world have called on World Cup organizers to ban an Iranian player from the remainder of the tournament, a year after he retweeted a post from Ayatollah Ali Khamenei anticipating the destruction of Israel.


Iran's refutation of official Turkish claims that it supports the military operation launched by Turkey against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in Iraq's Qandil region has stoked more resentment for Tehran in Ankara. 


Liberal MPs from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's party joined conservative lawmakers in the House of Commons last week to vote against the re-establishment of diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. 


The Islamic Republic had interest and became involved in the African country as a way to get to Israel long before the arrest the former Israeli minister-turned spy, who spent recent years there; from photographing Israeli embassy to weapons containers destined for Hamas and Hezbollah.

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