Monday, October 24, 2016

NETHERLANDS: The TAKKIYA GAME Named Receiving Refugees

The Netherlands, 11 October 2016. During the parliamentary debate on Asylum Policy, held on 14 October 2015, had Geert Wilders of the Freedom Party explicit spoken of the immense problems that will arise when the zunami waves of refugees will not stop. He especially warned for the late arrivals of family formations and family reunification that will bring in the next few years the number of new comers up to a million and even more. Geert Wilders was scornful laughed at and even offended by other MP’s. The ones who were not half a sleep or playing bored with their mobile phones found his arguments exaggerated and even idiotic.
The news on the Dutch TV of 11 October 2016, (NOS News, 20.00 p.m.) was a real horror show. It had proved that Wilders argumentations on family formations and family reunifications are correct. Due to the late comers the number of the so called refugees is strong on the rise. A big number of people are reporting themselves as asylum seekers even if they come from safe countries as Albania, Algeria and Morocco. When they voluntarily leave the Netherlands and go back, the are receiving a free one-way airline ticket plus 1950,-- Euro. A gift with compliments of the Dutch government.


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