Thursday, October 27, 2016

Obama's White House Kept List of Muslims For Top Jobs
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Obama's White House Kept List of Muslims For Top Jobs
This sort of short listing is common where government offices have to be filled around the world and for many different groups. learn more
A federal scheme to establish counseling teams to engage with youths at risk of radicalization was dropped after objections from Muslim groups.
Federal Government Drops Counter-Extremism Scheme

A new law in Pakistan mandates a life sentence for honor killing, but the accused -- with the consent of the judge --was able make use of a loophole.
Father Pardons Self for Honor Killing Daughter; Set Free

Fear mounts that the US does not understand the rebels' political agenda to establish a fundamentalist Islamist state in post-war Syria.
Catholics in Syria Plead to US: Stop Supporting Rebels

Given US universities' history of welcoming Islamist funding and operatives, stopping this before it further metastasizes is imperative.
Iran Poised to Increase Influence Peddling on American Colleges

New interviews aim to try to gain some understanding as to why ISIS members view women as holding a lower status.
Interviews Give Insight into Islamic State’s Misogynistic Views

In an unrelated incident, a Wisconsin man who tried to join ISIS in Syria pleaded guilty to charges of attempting to support to a terror group.
Michigan Brothers Arrested in Tunisia on Suspicion of Terror
Yazidi Female Brigade Formed to Fight ISIS
Many members of the bridage were captured by the Islamic State and forced into sex slavery before they managed to escape.
CAIR claims to be a civil rights movement, yet civil rights apply to all citizens irrespective of religion. If, as CAIR claims, American Muslims are victims of discrimination in the workplace, the discrimination is a violation of their rights as Americans, not as Muslims. 
Thoughts on the Council on American Islamic Relations
[Re:'Catholics in Syria Plead to US: Stop Supporting Rebels']: Hasn't the West learned that the Middle East except for Israel doesn't want democracy as we know it. The rebels will make the situation worse if they succeed. Look at the Caliphate that has tried to take hold of the region....I would take Bashir over these crazies. Another extreme Islamist regime is all we need!
[Re: 'Father Pardons Self for Honor Killing Daughter; Set Free']: That woman's poster says it all, there is no honour! What a disreputable place where human life is so cheap and ignorant rules are imposed on the innocent, his daughter did he never hold her and realise that he held something beautiful with a will and mind of her own that would one day need to make her own way in the world.
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