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Preparing for civil war

Here is a long (28 paragraphs), rather rambling, analysis by pro-sovereignty writer Guillaume Faye, who has frequently predicted the catastrophic consequences of massive State-sponsored immigration. It is posted at Riposte Laïque. I have considerably abridged and adapted the text.

He begins with a review of the attacks on police: four officers were set on fire in Viry-Châtillon on October 8, an obvious attempt to kill them; on October 17, police responding to fire alarms were ambushed and hit with stones and Molotov cocktails by a hundred rioters.

This sort of event is repeated every day, becomes trivial, endemic, and eventually uncontrollable.

He then describes the police demonstrations in Paris of October 17 and 18 and the spread of the movement to other cities of France. The head of the National Police, Jean-Marc Falcone, was hissed by his own men who had to be called to order:

This abandonment of the State by its police, who disobeyed orders, even those from the unions, is a harbinger of the chaos of civil war. The declarations from the minister of the Interior - the pitiful and incompetent Cazeneuve - minimizing the attacks, was the last straw.

The reality of an ethnic civil war to come is confirmed by the high increase in the number of police wounded while on the job. No official statistics give the origin of the perpetrators, yet everyone knows the truth perfectly well. On average 544 officers are wounded every month. In the first trimester of 2016, 3267 police and gendarmes were wounded on the job (an increase of 14% over 2015). In 2015, 6,854 gendarmes were victims of physical or verbal attacks. And 5,736 police officers were wounded on the job. Not to mention the firemen… For ten years, there's been a steady increase.

We are witnessing two parallel movements: an increase in the immigrant population that accounts for almost 100% of the violent criminals; and a decrease in the severity of punishments. Madame Taubira, former minister of Justice, the worm in the fruit, the obedient subversive militant, served a purpose. The explosive situation in the prisons, where the majority of inmates are Muslim criminals, is an exacerbating factor. The penalties for all this crime are ridiculously light, because the judiciary is afflicted with the same Islamo-leftism of collaborators such as Madame Taubira. And because there is, not by accident, a critical lack of space in the prisons.

In Europe, it is only in France that this sort of thing reaches such an intensity. But the neighboring countries will become familiar with the same situation very soon, if nothing changes, if the migratory waves, primarily Muslim, continue - that is the real key to the problem.

The criminals who committed the attacks - organized gangs of hooded thugs - were attempting to protect and mark their territory in the growing number of zones where the laws of the famous "French Republic" and the ethnic French population have all disappeared. They also wanted to bar the police from venturing into neighborhoods where drug trafficking flourishes (notably Moroccan cannabis).

He points out that the lawless areas, the no-go zones, have been invaded and are occupied by Muslims. In these zones, crime and Islamic radicalization prosper side by side, under salafist supervision:

France is eaten away from within, with the complicity of a State that does all it can to impose "migrants" - illegal State-subsidized aliens - in the last rural refuges of the French people. The proof is known to all, but is hidden by State ideological rhetoric.

And yet, in his astonishing book of narcissistic confidences to two journalists from Le Monde, François Hollande confirms with cynicism the obvious fact that is denied elsewhere by politicians of both right and left: "the partition" of France, into two hostile populations, "is in progress". But Hollande couldn't care less.

Note: Review my post on Hollande's book.

The recent and most murderous Islamic attacks, unprecedented in the history of our country and that of our neighbors, obvious signs of warlike aggression on our soil, have not given rise to public reactions other than candles and tears. This astonishing sociological fact seems to indicate a mental emasculation of the ethnic French, as of the other Western Europeans, unique in our history, and in the world.

However, subliminal signs are indicating that mentalities are changing. Here is the message broadcast (in restricted press circles, and on the Internet) by the Catholic association Caridad. How far removed it is from the official ideology of the Church of France!: "Do not leave them alone to face Islamist barbarity and the war that threatens them! Sponsor a soldier by offering him a rosary inviting him to pray with you. A rosary for our soldiers." The implicit message is crystal clear.

He says the intelligence services are worried about the possible eruption of a civil war:

Their main concern is to spot the French "extremists" who might retaliate against those they designate as the internal enemy. They fear a new phenomenon: the secret arming of ethnic Frenchmen. The State is also considering disarming hunters. This is considered more important than confiscating the arsenals of war that pile up in the suburban ghettos, and that will serve one day soon when the civil war is ignited.

Jean-Pierre Chevènement, who was put in charge of reorganizing the Islam of France, admitted on October 17 on RTL radio: "We are threatened by civil war." That this symbolic figure of the left, a former Interior minister, a well-informed man, forgets all ideological discretion and makes such a declaration, says a lot about the reality of the situation.

He repeats what he said earlier about the perpetrators of crimes being more than 90% non-European immigrants. This fact, though never expressed, is not a secret to anyone:

Nothing is more explosive than a forbidden truth.

The ethnic dimensions of the conflict are hidden because they are too obvious, hence too dangerous. The ethnic and racist, but also subversive and invasive aspects of this criminality and this permanent violence, are as important as the extortionist motivations.

Note: So these subsidized foreigners not only take our wealth, they are ethnically different, they are racists (though we get blamed for being racists), they are subversive and invasive, having penetrated into the body of the country, like as disease.

He points out that the hypothesis of a civil war, first in France, and then by contagion in England, Belgium and Germany, is more of a hot topic than ever, even though he first predicted it in 2000 in an essay entitled La Colonisation de l'Europe. He cites books by Eric Zemmour, Ivan Rioufol, Philippe de Villiers, and Laurent Obertone that warn of war. He adds that official leftist intellectuals, such as Bernard-Henri Lévy and Régis Debray, who consider themselves geniuses even though they have been wrong about everything, reject the hypothesis of a war.

An ethnic Frenchman who defends himself against an attack by immigrants is often convicted, while the latter benefit from the privilege of leniency. (…) The State practices a sort of foreign preference not only from fear and cowardice, but from a perverse choice to fight and to deconstruct the ethnic French nation. The permissiveness towards thugs of immigrant origin re-enforces their feeling of impunity and incites them to more violent acts. Bernard Cazeneuve, minister of the Interior, whose resignation has been called for by some deputies, labeled the thugs who set the policemen on fire "little savages" ("sauvageons") instead of killers. (…) As for Jean-Jacques Urvoas, current minister of Justice, an inconsistent person, he assured: "There are no no-go zones in France." And there are no craters on the Moon, as everyone knows…

As for Alain Juppé, he declared in one speech that "France was rich from her diversity". And he rehashed the old refrain: "Immigration is an opportunity for France," an absolute lie.

Note: It was during the presidency of Jacques Chirac that the slogan "Immigration is an opportunity for France" was pounded into the heads of malleable Frenchmen. It soon became a joke, as one Frenchman after another was mugged, beaten, robbed, deprived of a job, threatened, harassed, raped, even gang-raped. Still the machine of State propaganda reiterated that immigration was a "chance" for France. "Chance" can mean opportunity or good luck. I once wrote a post called "Lucky France".

French leaders began to go even further. Immigration was not only a lucky break for France, Islam itself was an integral part of French heritage:

And Manuel Valls, the false tough guy (like Sarkozy), the scaredy-cat, impotent, repeated the official historical lie of those who have submitted: "Islam is an indissociable part of ourselves, of our culture and henceforth of our roots." This declaration of October 17, 2016 from the Prime minister resounds like a shameful, wretched, scornful surrender, scorned by the invaders who rub their hands in delight at this surrender in advance.

Police, gendarmes, firemen, all the symbols of the French nation are targeted. Even the school system doesn't escape the rise in voluntary violence, directed against French and European youth (girls are primary targets) or against the teachers - who are nonetheless mostly leftist "anti-racists"! Not a day goes by without confrontations and assaults, even riots, in public schools, and always with the same perpetrators. This is a strategy of provocation and conquest, urged by radical Muslim authorities, a strategy of tension meant to lead to a real ethnic civil war. The objective is the defeat of a French State overwhelmed, paralyzed, but also accomplice, collaborator and victim of subversion and infiltration. The ghost of Vichy returns.

Note: I would not call this French State a "victim". It has gone along with every anti-French demand from violent and coercive lobbies, associations and foreign influences for decades. It was never under any obligation to sell out to the enemy, or obliterate its own civilization from history.

The openly stated objective from Arab-Muslim theoreticians on the Internet, that fascinates more and more young immigrants, is that France disappear through demographic submersion (invasion plus high birthrate), an accelerated Islamization and guerilla warfare that harasses the ethnic French until they give up. This theory is largely advocated and broadcast to young immigrant populations all over Europe.

Theoreticians of world-wide jihad who influence young Muslims in France develop - with impunity - the prediction that "Europe is going to fall", from demographic pressure conjoined with terrorism and crime that will paralyze, terrify, then force aging and decadent Europeans to summit. This war agenda has already started. We are in the preparatory stage of the offensive.

Philippe de Villiers revealed the existence of secret, discreet agreements of submission, beyond the pale of legality, with the complicity of the French State, to surrender quietly portions of French territory to Islamic sharia law. The collaborating State is already negotiating with the invader.

Eric Zemmour judged that things had started badly: "I fear it is too late! If a strong power took my proposals, one part of the Muslims would secede; over the next thirty years we will not escape a civil war or submission. General De Gaulle gave independence to Algeria because he believed the Arabs and French were like 'oil and vinegar', bound to separate from one another." This reflection is interesting. The period of thirty years that he predicts is much too long. The explosion will happen before that, perhaps next year.

Note: The quote above from Zemmour is out of context, and I don't have the book from which it's drawn. He seems to be saying that if a strong president took control of France, a part of the Muslims would "secede". But wouldn't that be better? If a large number of Muslims were in one place, instead of spread around, wouldn't they be easier to control? It would depend on the "allied" forces - the French patriots and their allies, whoever they may be, if indeed there is an "allied force".

There are three hypotheses. The first, the worst one, is submission. It takes two to wage war. If, faced with invaders and aggressors, the French and Europeans don't defend themselves there won't be a war. It will be a "tepid death" to use the expression of Konrad Lorenz. A rotting, a collapse, with no real combat. It's a possibility.

The second hypothesis is the eruption of an ethnic civil war with the defeat of the French, and other Europeans, since they have against them their own collaborating State. A possibility that Jean Raspail had evoked.

The third hypothesis, is a victorious civil war, with incalculable historic consequences, including the collapse of all our political paradigms. Whatever happens, it will be impossible, in the coming years, to escape major disorders. Western Europe will soon be the theater of an ethnic earthquake. Inevitable.

Guillaume Faye

Top a photo from Marianne showing a pro-Gaza demonstration in 2014 in one of the many "lost territories" of the Republic. Only a fool would venture into such an area. In 2002, a book entitled Territoires perdus de la République was published with an emphasis on the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish feelings that are cultivated in the Muslim ghettos, and the result within the schools that history teachers in particular have to face. The authors, a group of high school teachers most of whom remained anonymous, were questioned by one Emmanuel Brenner who compiled his findings. The book was boycotted by the media at the time, but it has been republished recently and is available at Amazon. Readers' reviews indicate the book was way ahead of its time.

Actually the consequences of massive immigration were obvious long before the book was written. As early as the 1980's informed observers saw the handwriting on the wall, but no one heeded their warnings.

Guillaume Faye points out that the lost territories are hostile not only to Jews, but to the entire French population. If Jewish children are no longer in French schools, it is equally true that non-Jewish French children are suffering the cruel fate of being forced to endure barbarian behavior by their classmates; any Catholic family that can, sends its children to private Catholic schools.

Below, the cartoon reads: 

When you think that before, to invade a country, you had to fight.

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