Sunday, October 23, 2016

Teachers Union Slams FBI Anti-Extremist Site As Anti-Muslim
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Teachers Union Slams FBI Anti-Extremist Site As Anti-Muslim
The ‘Don’t Be A Puppet’ website has been slammed for unfairly singling out Muslims in the way it seeks to tackle radicalization. learn more
The decision to postpone the final hearing for a Christian woman set to be hanged on false blasphemy charges was a cowardly move by Pakistan.
The Sad Ending to Asia Bibi: Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

The operation was given a green light by 'Caliph' Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to prevent them from being taken captive by Iraqi forces.
Senior ISIS Jihadis Move Wives Out of Mosul

13 people were caned October 17 in Indonesia’s Aceh province for unlawful intimacy between the genders.
Indonesian Citizens Suffer Under Harsh Hudud Laws
Tears of Joy as Freed Chibok Girls Reunited With Their Families
The recently-released 21 Chibok school girls, in Boko Haram captivity for two-and-a-half years, are reunited with their parents in an emotion-laden church service in Abuja, Nigeria.
[Re:'Muslim Father Rapes Daughter for Being Too Westernized']: I'm glad she was brave enough to seek help.
[Re:'ISIS to Enemies: If You Approach We’ll Kill Yazidi Sex Slaves']: We should have destroyed ISIS as soon as they were formed. We waited for other countries to do it. They waited for us to take the lead. We led from behind. You go first, we will be right behind you. The wilted strength of America. We were war weary. It seems we lost our nerve and the will to fight. Not our soldiers. Not our military leaders. But our politicians and citizens. We see the destruction, the killings, the brutality against innocent children. We weep. But we don't turn that outrage into a strategy to kill the enemy. So they continue. They see our inaction as weak. They recruit from a perception that they are strong and God is on their side. They appear to be winners. No one joins the losers. If ISIS gets utterly destroyed and soundly defeated they will be seen as losers and not under God's protection.
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