Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Swedish Seniors Kicked Out of Retirement Home to Make Way for Muslim Migrants

Swedish Seniors Kicked Out of Retirement Home to Make Way for Muslim Migrants


The left likes to pretend that its bleeding heart philanthropy means that its activists are caring people. The truth is that its activists disguise their sadistic cruelty under humanitarian colors. They are using Muslim migrants to perpetrate a wave of terror and displacement in the name of their twisted political agenda which is, at its root, filled with hatred for the native population.

America, Sweden, Israel, Australia, the UK and the activist next door. This is who they are. This is what motivates them. This is what they do to vulnerable people when they have the opportunity. The Muslim migrants are their partners, and their means to act out their sadistic abuses.
Hundreds of new immigrants from the third world are moving right now into one of Södermalm's most popular areas since a large retirement home with hundreds of apartments was converted into migrant housing,..
The decision at short notice to close down Winter Customs retirement home in Stockholm and drive out the seniors who live there was made in the spring...
 The first 50 apartments have already been rented out to the new inhabitants of the Third World and another 150 apartments are slated to be transformed. A total of 201 apartments.
No one really knows how many immigrants moving in but... In the house are The Studios as well as two bedroom apartments, which means that it can be over a thousand new residents of Winter Customs.
And here's what the invaders are getting and the seniors are losing...
"At entry level there and a large, lovely courtyard with fresh air, beautiful plantings, ponds, fountains and garden groups for cozy gatherings" could be read as a page now been removed. The apartments were described rather like this:
"In each apartment there is a large and spacious bathroom with shower and some apartments are equipped with kitchen / kitchenette and some even with balcony."
All the better to vandalize, destroy and turn into no go zones. The ones Swedish pols insist don't exist.

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