Monday, May 8, 2017

Former UN Adviser Argues for FGM on ‘Tucker Carlson’ Show

Former UN Adviser Argues for FGM on ‘Tucker Carlson’ ShowShe outrageously defended the barbaric practice as 'gender equality surgery.' Watch Video
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US Judge Rules Assad Helped Al-Qaeda Kill AmericansFew people on earth have done more to kill and maim American soldiers than Assad and his regime.Get Informed
NJ Convert Stabs Dog, Plans Suicide Bombing in ManhattanHe was tracked down after trying to butcher the family dog for being 'dirty.'Read
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US FGM Investigation WidensMeanwhile, US media dances around the issues.Get Informed
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'Reformist' Rouhani Fights Hardliners in 2nd Iranian Presidential DebateRouhani also shockingly admitted he has no control of the IRGCLearn More
What Does The Muslim Brotherhood Do?What does one of the world’s most powerful Islamist groups actually do?Write Your Representative
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“I can't stand Trump but I'm glad he's doing this. Next up CAIR”
“Gitmo has vacancies.”
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