Thursday, May 18, 2017

THURSDAY Security Update: TUCKER: "Tell Maxine Waters Her Dream Just Died"

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What did Trump actually reveal to the Russians? In short, it looks like he told them that we know a guy - let's call him Mr. X - located in some various location - let's call it Location Y - who has "discovered" that ISIS wants to kill us all. Specifically, that ISIS wants to use laptops as bombs to take down airliners. Pardon the levity, but... Yeah? And?

The failure to build strong community relations between the police and the various, socio-economically and ethnically diverse communities served by law enforcement is a proverbial recipe for disaster.

Rosenstein is acting under authority granted by the recusal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions in this investigation. Rosenstein apparently gave the White House no heads up on the decision;

There is no doubt that, just as the U.S. news media have lost a great deal of credibility due to the heavy liberal slant laid bare leading up to the 2016 presidential election and its aftermath, the media in other democracies are just as guilty.

In one section, Sperry describes the Islamist-ridden translators' office where Muslim agents, who celebrated 9/11 on FBI property, purposely mistranslated documents and notified targets of investigations.

When two leaders of a Muslim Brotherhood-linked advocacy group lobbied Congress on May 3, they failed to disclose their open support for...terrorist groups that have carried out attacks in Egypt.

The Washington Post claimed Monday that President Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian emissaries in an Oval Office meeting last week. The article raises several concerns:

The problem is not merely that the liars in media, government, and academia refuse to connect the dots and insist on treating each of the aforementioned groups as disparate, finite groups with different "political" or "territorial" motivations-none of which has anything to do with Islam.


Wanna see Democrats and media hacks weep? Hand them this list!

The Washington Post claims it did not reveal all the details of the disclosures from its sources because U.S. officials said this would "jeopardize important intelligence capabilities." Yes, there's a scandal here. It concerns former and current U.S. officials leaking classified information to the press to undermine a U.S. president.

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Tuesday's (May 16th) White House Daily Briefing: General H. R. McMaster & Press Secretary Sean Spicer

mcmaster _ fox video grab _ may 15 2017

Confused by fake news? Get the real story here: Sean Spicer full press briefing.

National Security Adviser on Oval Office Meeting with Russians National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster briefed reporters on President Trump’s first foreign trip to the Middle East and Europe. He then took questions on the previous-day Washington Post report that the president divulged classified information to Russians officials during a recent White House meeting. Mr. McMaster said several times the information shared was “wholly appropriate” and did not result in any compromise to national security and that President Trump was not briefed on the specific source of the intelligence.  (CSPAN)

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