Monday, June 4, 2018

Notice Anything Strange About This Video?

Video and Poll
Notice Anything Strange About This Video? Gaza doesn't look like the place Hamas says it is Watch
News Analysis
Christianity in the Shadow of Jihad Faithkeepers: Why this film is so important Read and Share
What Christians Think of Muslims Findings of a new in-depth survey Read
Readers Write
“Security can mean many things. And can be used to justify a lot of oppression. If you mean secure borders and illegal aliens, yes security is more important. If you are talking about a citizens' "human rights" then you have to consider it is not about security but destroying opposition.”
- Anonymous
“Back to security as a priority. Let’s ensure that 1st. After world peace is established it might be a choice for someone. We don’t allow masks in public except for children on Halloween.”
- Anonymous
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