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Prison Radicalization and the Trouble With "Islamophobia" Watchdogs Make More News

June 8, 2018

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Blind Hate Drives a Wedge Among "Islamophobia" Hunters

June 8, 2018  •  IPT News FacebookTwitter
Wajahat Ali thinks we're a bunch of hate mongers. Islamophobes. Part of a handful of groups "primarily responsible for orchestrating the majority of anti-Islam messages polluting our national discourse," he wrote in a 2011 report for the Center for American Progress called "Fear, Inc., the Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America."

Another Terrorist Sues the Bureau of Prisons

by Patrick Dunleavy  •  June 6, 2018  •  IPT News FacebookTwitter
Add convicted terrorist Rafiq Sabir to the growing list of incarcerated radical Islamic terrorists who are suing the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) for allegedly violating their rights. Sabir is serving a 25 year sentence after a 2007 conviction for conspiring to provide material support to al-Qaida.

The SPLC is Indifferent to Muslim Anti-Semitism

by John Rossomando  •  June 5, 2018  •  IPT News FacebookTwitter
Muslim anti-Semitism receives scant mention from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an organization that is supposed to be dedicated to "fighting hate and extremism." Its website has 1,327 articles about non-Muslim anti-Semitic actions, statements or hate crimes.
Less than 10 articles out of thousands on its website mention
Muslim anti-Semitism.

Gaza's Economy is Hostage to PA-Hamas Rift as Israel, Egypt Weigh Easing Restrictions

by Yaakov Lappin  •  June 4, 2018  •  Special to IPT News FacebookTwitter
In 2007, Hamas seized power in the Gaza Strip in a violent coup, overthrowing the Palestinian Authority (PA) and creating a rift between the two main Palestinian movements that lasts to this day.

Belgium Terror Attack Mirrors an All Too Familiar Pattern

by Patrick Dunleavy  •  May 31, 2018  •  IPT News FacebookTwitter
Watching summer reruns on TV can be entertaining. Watching reoccurring patterns in Islamic terrorist attacks is not. The latest terror attack in the European Union occurred Tuesday in Liege, Belgium, and appears to follow
an all too familiar pattern.

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Also In The News

Islamic State's Attacks Raise Threat of Southeast Asia Hub

June 7, 2018  •  Wall Street Journal FacebookTwitter
Islamic State's collapse in Syria and Iraq leaves global jihadists looking for a new home. Governments in Southeast Asia, a region that is home to some 270 million Muslims, fear that their part of the world may now turn into the extremists' new area of growth. These nations are sidelining old rivalries and working together to make sure that doesn't happen.

U.S. to Set American Fighting for Islamic State Free in Syria

June 6, 2018  •  Wall Street Journal FacebookTwitter
The U.S. military has decided to release an American man who has been held for months as a suspected enemy combatant at a secret location in Iraq, court documents showed Wednesday, and plans to set him free in Syria.

Shin Bet Says It Thwarted Plot to Assassinate Prime Minister, Jerusalem Mayor

June 5, 2018  •  Times of Israel FacebookTwitter
Israeli forces arrested an East Jerusalem man suspected of planning to assassinate Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat earlier this year, on orders from a Syria-based terrorist group, the
Shin Bet security service revealed on Tuesday.

Iran's Supreme Leader: Israel 'Malignant Cancerous Tumor' That Should Be 'Removed and Eradicated'

June 4, 2018  •  The Daily Wire FacebookTwitter
If there were any doubt about Iran's despotic, theocratic regime's intentions regarding the state of Israel, they should have been erased on Sunday with this tweet from the Twitter account of Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah
Ali Khamenei:

Woman's March Co-Founder Condemns Founding of Israel as 'Human Rights Crime'

June 3, 2018  •  Washington Free Beacon FacebookTwitter
Women's March co-founder Tamika Mallory said during an event Friday that Israel committed a human rights crime in doing "whatever" it took to take land from Palestinians.

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