Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Al-Qaeda Chief Warns of Attacks on US '1,000 Times 9/11'

Al-Qaeda Chief Warns of Attacks on US '1,000 Times 9/11'In retaliation for American 'aggression'Watch
Boared to Death: ISIS Fighters Trampled in Pig AttackA herd of wild boar rooted out an ISIS militia forceRead
Open Letter to Mike Pence: Stop Saudis From Steamrolling Indonesian IslamVice-President Mike Pence praised Indonesian Islam, but is turning a blind eye to its eradication. Read
What the Pope Should Know Before He Visits Egypt This WeekChristians in Egypt face rising persecution. Read
Faithkeepers - Be Your Brothers' KeeperWatch exclusive video from Clarion's new film.Host a Screening
Readers Write
“Beyond parody.. but then what else to expect from UN? The largest bloc is the Muslim one in the UN, over 50 Islamic states, and Saudi Arabia is their standard-bearer. How can anyone think the medieval kingdom is fit to speak on women's issues???”
“Well that makes sense ... George Orwell would be proud. "Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them." If you can't indoctrinate them during their college graduation - you've lost them...”
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