Friday, April 21, 2017

Taliban Punks Shaking In Their Boots After What Trump Just Sent After Them

Taliban Punks Shaking In Their Boots After What Trump Just Sent After Them

Taliban Punks Shaking In Their Boots After What Trump Just Sent After Them
Donald Trump (left), stock image of the Taliban (right)
Al-Qaeda may have prospered under Barack Obama, but there’s a new sheriff in town. Unfortunately for them, things just took a very bad turn for members of the terrorist community – and they’re shaking in their boots after hearing what President Donald Trump just sent after them.

Although much of the focus on Muslim terror seems to be on ISIS these days, there’s still a great many other organizations alive and well that don’t get the coverage that is warranted. Proving just that is the existence of groups like the Taliban and al-Qaeda – the terror group responsible for 9/11 – and the fact that they’re still around, despite America having declared war on them over 15 years ago.
However, it seems that with Trump’s election, there was a change in the tide – and it’s one where America is no longer scared to utter the words “radical Islamic terror” anymore. Although the phrase used to be taboo on account of political correctness, anyone who finds themselves aligned with the ideology is in for a rude awakening these days.

Taliban Punks Shaking In Their Boots After What Trump Just Sent After Them
U.S. Marines
In a stark change from Obama, al-Qaeda terrorists are finding themselves especially scared today after hearing what Trump just sent an estimated 300 U.S. Marines to a Taliban stronghold in the southern Afghanistan province of Helmand, according to reports, and they’re headed there to do one thing – kill.
Although the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has established a presence in the Afghanistan region, the Taliban remains the strongest jihadist group there. The two groups have fought one another for turf, influence, and recruits. [Source: Breitbart]
In hopes of wiping out every God-forsaken Muslim terrorist there, Trump has demonstrated just how serious he is about ridding this planet of terrorism once and for all. Even better yet, it seems that he took the suggestion of famed former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, who said that it would take just 300 unbridled Marines to take out ISIS once and for all and take over all of Iraq if they wanted to. It just appears our president decided to start with Afghanistan and the Taliban.

Of course, with spineless Obama in office then, more concerned about his political appearance than the safety of the American people, that never came to be. In fact, as time went on, Obama only further restricted the military’s rules of engagement (ROE), making our soldiers less-effective and essentially putting them in greater danger.

Fortunately for our soldiers, America, and even the world, that’s no longer the case. The devil dogs have been unleashed, and they’re ready to get to work, doing what they’re good at – ridding this world of the evil that has no place here.

Times are changing as an unofficial planetary revolution seems to be taking place across the world, and it all started right here in the good old U.S. of A. With everyone waking up to the threats that are out there, no longer willing to listen to politically correct agendas of the left that are only getting innocent people killed, people are starting to realize what it’s going to take to make earth a safer place as a whole.

The only thing the so-called “progressives” have done has allowed for more innocent blood to spill – and people aren’t willing to accept that anymore. A new dawn is upon us, and terrorism isn’t a good business to be in right now.

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