Monday, April 24, 2017

Trudeau Government Conducting Ideological Purge At Refugee Board

Trudeau Government Conducting Ideological Purge At Refugee Board

In an effort to block those who actually want to enforce Canada’s immigration laws and rules, the Trudeau government is conducting a ruthless ideological purge at the Immigration & Refugee Board.

14 adjudicators have already been removed, while 39 more are expected to be let go.

Those being removed were appointed by the previous government, and the changes have many people worried.

As reported in the Metro – which called those being removed “seasoned decision-makers” – there are fears the system will now be thrown into “disarray.”
“Our concern is the government is continuing to have a governor-in-council appointment process that is political and discretionary instead of going for a transparent process to appoint the most suitable candidates who are competent, judicious, fair-minded and efficient,” said Raoul Boulakia of the Refugee Lawyers’ Association of Ontario.
“The efficiency and quality of the decisions could be compromised if the people who are brought in do not have the expertise and are not judicious.”
A whopping 23 of 58 refugee board positions are now unfilled.

There’s no coincidence here. The Trudeau Liberals are purging those who are fair-minded and even-handed, so they can put people in who will do nothing to manage the flood of illegal migrants entering Canada after Trudeau’s foolish tweet.

The Trudeau Liberals have taken an impartial rule-based system, and turned it into an extension of their political will.

This is incredibly disturbing, as it means we can only expect our border and immigration system to become less and less secure.

There are clearly no limits to the Trudeau government’s lust for power to push their agenda on the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

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