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ISIS defector: Migrant ‘sleeper cells are ready’ to attack across Europe

ISIS defector: Migrant ‘sleeper cells are ready’ to attack across Europe

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‘Sleeper cells are ready’: ISIS defector warns UK faces MORE terror attacks from jihadi migrants in Europe who are waiting for their strike order from Syria

  • Former ISIS commander reveals jihadists are recruited around the world online
  • Recruits are send documents, video and propaganda and told to await orders
  • When they are told to do so, the sleep cells will carry out a terrorist attack 

A former Islamic State commander has warned ISIS are using the internet to recruit potentially deadly ISIS sleeper cells in the UK.

ISIS leaders are sending propaganda over the internet to further radicalise potential recruits and ‘encourage jihad’, according to Emir Abu Abboud al-Raqqawi — who held several high-ranking positions within the Islamic religious police force.

In an interview, he has revealed the chilling details of how multi-lingual and sophisticate terrorist recruiters are helping to establish sleeper cells in western Europe.

‘Migrants inside the caliphate are in touch with their friends in the Western world. Their friends and family in Sweden, in Germany, in France, in the UK, in Turkey, in Azerbaijan or in other parts of the world,’ al-Raqqaqi told

‘From within the caliphate, they’re recruiting sleeper cells in the Western world.’

One ISIS fanatic, who heads up the organisations recruiter drive, is originally from France and speaks multiple languages.

The ex-commander also detailed how potential recruits are further radicalised over the internet.

He said prospective members are sent publications, videos and other documents that ‘encourage Jihad’ and show Muslims being killed in Syria and Iraq.


Abu Abboud al-Raqqawi was an ISIS commander in Raqqa, Syria. He signed up to the terrorist group after they seized city and claimed it as the Caliphate’s capital.

al-Raqqawi held several high-ranking positions within the Islamic religious police force, al-Hisbah.
They included Emir of ISIS’s logistics committee, a unit within the migration police and he was in command of more than 50 men.

But Abu Abboud al-Raqqawi insists that he was not responsible for executions or torture. However, he did confirm that he attended executions as part of his training in the Sharia camps.

Today he has escaped from Raqqa and is living elsewhere with his four wives. Abu Abboud al-Raqqawi is not his real name.

Due to pressure from the west, ISIS began stopping foreign jihadists from crossing into Syria.
They were instead encouraged to remain in their home countries and await orders to carry out terror attacks.

‘When they’re ordered to attack, for example, an airport or a supermarket, then they just do it. There will be more attacks. Even if they’re collapsing and are weaker now, sleeper cells are awaiting orders,’ added al-Raqqawi.

His revelations follow a series of terror attacks in UK, including the Manchester Arena bombing on May 22 that 23 people.

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