Thursday, April 13, 2017

Clarion's new film, Faithkeepers - Host a screening 

On May 23, Clarion Project's new feature documentary Faithkeepers will be released. We invite you to join our nationwide screening campaign. 

Christian genocide is happening on our watch, and the faithful are being burned, beheaded and crucified by extremists. Faithkeepers tells the uplifting true stories of those who suffered and refused to renounce their faith.

Please say you'll help us tell the story of these brave faithful to the world!
Sign up today to 
host a screening, full details below.
When you sign up to host a screening, you'll be contacted by our team who will ask you about venues in your hometown which may be suitable for the screening, i.e. your church, synagogue, community center, or local movie theater.

From that point, our team will take on all the work to fill the venue. We'll ask for your help in spreading the word, but ticketing, advertising, and all the set up, will be handled by us. 

Sign up to host a screening

Thank you,

The Clarion Team 

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