Monday, April 3, 2017

MONDAY Security Update: CAIR Orders U.S. Air Force to Ditch "Anti-Muslim" Counterterrorism Instructor

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Progressives Devolving

As the decades have elapsed and I've watched progressives consistently acting so infantile, it is clear that their limited repertoire...dictates that they are indeed more to be pitied than scorned.

Interestingly, less than two years before he was to leave office, Barack Obama authorized CIA Director John Brennan to reorganize the agency, a man who admittedly, as late as 1980, voted for the Communist Party and reportedly converted to Islam.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that many British government buildings are being subsidized by Sharia finance, and therefore come under Sharia law. The Daily Mail ran this revealing story just after the London-Westminster Bridge attack.

Iraq must overcome ISIS terror, sectarian divides

It wasn't the FBI's fault the DNC wouldn't allow the FBI to look a their servers for the hacking investigation, instead forced them to use the Crowdstrike report paid for by the Party.

"After Many Years the Husband of a Woman Murdered in a Terrorist Attack Decides to Marry Again."

In the swamp that is official Washington, men and women who strive to act on principal, not political expediency, are an endangered species.

The Islamic terrorist front group that transformed the way U.S. law enforcement agencies conduct anti-terrorism training is ordering the Air Force to sever ties with an instructor it considers to be anti-Muslim. The question is will the Trump administration cave into its demands?


The mainstream media, and some officials who should know better, continue to allege North Korea does not yet have capability to deliver on its repeated threats to strike the U.S. with nuclear weapons.

Conservatives and Nationalists (who are finally coming back together into what historically has always been the strongest unified identity) understand the danger posed by libertarians in defense and foreign policy with their focus on open borders and disarmament.

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Friday's (March 31st)White House Daily Briefing: Press Secretary Sean Spicer


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