Sunday, April 16, 2017

Why Are Soccer Hooligans Wearing Niqabs?

Why Are Soccer Hooligans Wearing Niqabs?A statute allowing religious garb allows these hooligans to dodge a ban on face masks at games.Read
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Islamism: Testing the Grounds for CensorshipDo utilitarian arguments work when Islamist challenge free speech laws in the West?In-Depth
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“I love this: "we do stringent background checks". How the feck do they know that the creature of unknown gender, race or identity who rocks up to work each day dressed as an umbrella cover is the same person they so carefully "vetted"?”
“Yes, Syria would be better off without Assad. Assad is the main problem to why Syrians are suffering, the only problem is, if we remove him, we must be dedicated to helping the country get back on its feet again and not abandoning the country as we did in Libya or even in Iraq which was Obamas mistake to move troops out of Iraq too early.”
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