Sunday, March 5, 2017


The Trudeau Soros Agenda

The CBC Liberal Propaganda Machine once again distorts he Truth.

Mainstream Media has Labeled the M103 Protestors as hateful people.

In Edmonton we shook hands with the Black Lives Matter organizers and said we are peaceful, we agreed to disagree. We said everyone should be treated equal and we wanted to have dialog and find solutions to stand for freedoms they agreed.

This was also explained to the CBC and they did not provide that information, they also did not show the public the interviews that were given to them.

The Interview that I gave them was this.

I explained to them that we were against M103 and I did not agree with the Liberal definition of Islamophobia, just because you disagree with the teachings of Islam does not suggest you hate Muslims, just like if you disagree with any religion or what they teach does not mean you hate the people who do believe.

Rather the Liberals are using M103 to shut down debate and protect those who are breaking the law.

I also told them that some of the Organizers from Black Lives matter and other left wing professional protest groups were foreign funded by people like George Soros, and the protesters were misinformed.

George Soros groups have destabilized countries with his organizations for his personal financial gain, and now he is working with Justin Trudeau in Canada.

First Nations people on reserves are living in grinding poverty, he gives billions to other governments and nothing to Canadians and First Nations, so if he does not care about us he does not care about the refugees who are now going on welfare rolls into grinding poverty.

Trudeau should stop the politics of division and personal gain and start taking care of the people as he was elected to do. What is more important money or people. If you care about the money you do not care about the people.

A Time to Organize

We will organize and work with members in the community to find solutions, stop the hate and misinformation and work together for the better of the community and protect our freedoms.

It is time for dialog and to find the truth so we protect our rights and freedoms, it is clear the Liberals have no intention of doing this, they prefer the politics of division and personal gain, they do not care about Canadians, and the CBC will help them to achieve this goal by supporting the  Trudeau agenda , and Trudeau will reward them with more of our tax dollars.

So now is the time to organize and stand for freedom.

Islamophobia motion spurs Anti Trudeau Protest and Counter Protests Edmonton

Toronto Rally

This Video is a Must See:   Follow this Link

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