Monday, May 15, 2017

The Rape of Joanna

The Rape of JoannaExclusive clip from our new Film FaithkeepersWatch
How Tough Is 'Too Tough' When Fighting Radical Islam?How far do states need to go to defeat totalitarian ideologies?Vote
ISIS, Al-Qaeda to Merge?Rumors abound of talks on a merger between the groups' leaders.Listen
O Canada: Muslim Accommodation Gone Too Far?Canada seems to be heading in a direction that our native Pakistan is recovering from. What gives?Get Informed
Palestinians Elect Terrorist Mayor of HebronTayseer Abu Sneineh attacked a group of Jewish students in 1980 killing 6.Read
Readers Write
“Only in Canada would you not only give a convicted terrorist citizenship but rights. You made your bed and they will kill you in it.”
“The worst thing about this is NOT that they did these vile and vicious things to innocent women and children but they they sincerely and honestly BELIEVE that what they are doing is Right and Appropriate!”
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