Tuesday, May 16, 2017

TUESDAY Security Update: Memo to President - don't lose focus; you are making a difference

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Not that you would read it in the "attack Trump media" but the president is making good on some of his campaign promises, and it appears some of his early efforts are paying off.

There's just so much ammunition to use against the progressive socialist left...so why shoot yourself in the foot? But that's what seems to keep happening.

If the story is true, it's a disaster for the Trump administration. If it's false, it's a disaster for the media.

Thanks to the tenacity and persistence of two key legislators in the Arkansas state capitol, Arkansas has joined the growing ranks of states that have moved to protect their citizens and residents from foreign laws and foreign legal doctrines, including Shariah, in state courts.

An EMP attack will kill far more people than nuclear blasting a city through indirect effects-by blacking out electric grids and destroying life-sustaining critical infrastructures like communications, transportation, food and water-in the long run. But the millions of fatalities likely to eventually result from EMP will take months to develop, as slow as starvation.

The new president of South Korea received a nasty welcome Sunday from his North Korean counterpart.

Rather than follow along the path that made America a strong, economically thriving and prosperous nation, many Americans, especially Millennials, pursue petty and paltry pleasures, as would a sloth and a glutton, and claim their slightest whim to be a "right".

The red flag of skepticism should have gone up years ago to the American public when lavish praise was heaped on Comey by people who revile each other.

According to a senior White House official, President Donald Trump is deciding between two U.S. strategies in Afghanistan, one "more kinetic" and the other "less kinetic"

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1.      ·  TUCKER: Hate of Trump has blinded media

2.      ·  Sen. Sasse: The Russians do not have our interests at heart

3.      ·  Dr. Peter Pry on N. Korea's claim that they have successfully tested a ballistic missile that can carry a nuclear warhead.

4.      ·  McMaster: WaPo Story About Trump Sharing Classified Materials With Russians is "False"

5.      ·  Vice President Pence: "Radical Islamic Terrorists" Are "the Embodiment of Evil in Our Times"

Monday's (May 15th) White House Daily Briefing: Press Secretary Sean Spicer  


Confused by fake news? Get the real story here: Sean Spicer full press briefing.

  White House Moving Ahead With FBI Director Search Spokesman Sean Spicer says the search for a replacement to James Comey at the FBI is "completely moving ahead as it should" and that the deputy attorney general and attorney general are leading the effort. He also says there is no need for a special prosecutor and referncing the testimony of the acting FBI director to Congress last week, he says that the FBI has the resources it needs to conduct the Russia election hacking problem. (CSPAN)

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