Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Watch Shocking Testimonies of ISIS’ Victims

Watch Shocking Testimonies of ISIS' VictimsClarion's latest film Faithkeepers brings unique footage as a genocide unfurls.Watch
Standing Up to FGM in AmericaOpinion in the wake of the Michigan scandalWatch
What We Think Trump Really Said to ErdoganClarion's take on how the conversation went.Read
EXCLUSIVE Interview with Yazidi Leader: West to Blame for Our GenocideWest is funding Muslims and Kurds, but stood by when the Yazidis asked for help.Learn More
News Analysis
What Iran Fears MostProtests and uprising are brewing in response to Friday's presidential election sham.Read
Son of Bin Laden - Next-Gen EvilHamza bin Laden calls on Islamists to kill Americans and others.Watch
Readers Write
“Won't stop US and UK selling arms to these Saudi Wahabbists nutcases though! Get real people”
“What a horrible procedure to mutilate another human being. Disgusting traditions that need to be stopped!”
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