Monday, November 27, 2017

Canada, a nicer version of the Soviet Union

The latest from Dr. Warner

Michael Hansen is a former Dane who returned to Europe after a 10 year absence and made a movie of what he saw of the effects of Islam on the streets of Europe. The documentary was screened by the Ottawa library staff and scheduled for view on Saturday, Nov. 25. But a threatened street protest by ANTIFA and Ottawans Against Fascism caused cancelation of the viewing.

Once again, Sharia law is being used against free speech.   --Bill Warner


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The Sources of Islam
A Persian Treatise

This is a reprint of a 1901 book, from back in the day when Christian scholarship on Islam was of a high level. This book shows that the stories and ideas in the Koran could be found in the world around Mohammed. 
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Anyone who studies world religions when they read the Koran soon realizes it is a derivative work. Highly recommend, easy to read, highly informative.
 —Bill Warner
Sharia Law for Non-Muslims

Sharia Law for Non-Muslims is the perfect introduction to Sharia law. It also makes the perfect lobbying tool to educate politicians, leaders and officials.
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Various Formats & Volume Discounts Available
This book helps to clear up misunderstandings that the Sharia adherent agents try to fool us with. It’s short, well written and easy to understand. context.
—C. Carlson 

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