Wednesday, November 22, 2017

WEDNESDAY Security Update: Malkin: The Clintons Are "The Godparents of Victim-Shaming Smear Tactics"

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The forty foot tall (92-year-old World War I memorial) Peace Cross in Maryland, and just five miles from the U.S. Supreme Court, in the Court's cross-hairs, is the object of the American Civil Liberties Union's and atheists' hatred, along with their hatred for many other inherently Christian Latin crosses in America, and it is also the source of incoherent confusion for too many federal judges.

The height of hypocrisy by NFL players kneeling for our national anthem was demonstrated by the New Orleans Saints. It leaves their critics shaking their heads in disbelief as to just how low kneelers will go to be disrespectful, not only of our flag, but also of those who defend what it represents.

Soros, of course, is helping to destroy Europe for the sake of destroying it, and is determined to do the same to America and all of Western Civilization, turning it all into one big Islamic hellhole. He is ruled by pure malice. Yet, he is called a humanitarian and philanthropist.

It's time to stop the obfuscation regarding securing our southern border and taking action to stem the flow of illegal immigrants.

It's ironic that the Islamic terrorist front group that bullied U.S. law enforcement agencies into purging counterterrorism training materials is outraged that a public school disinvited a Muslim speaker after parents complained.

The Framers did not equate fitness for office with capacity to evade prosecution.

What's the left's real gripe? These judges will decide cases based on what the US Constitution says, instead of rewriting law to suit a progressive agenda.

Is it Utopia or Reality?

Speaking at the Zionist Organization of America's annual dinner, Steven Bannon, US President Donald Trump's former chief strategist and current CEO of the Breitbart news website, said the US political establishment has "lowered the bar on what [pro-Israel] is supposed to be."

A former Associated Press (AP) reporter, Friedman noted that the "mainstream media is actually a thing." When these organizations seek themes to organize long term coverage of various regions, "journalists end up agreeing on what the ‘story' is."

The origin of Thanksgiving has been blurred by popular myth, and even a hoax document. But the real story of Thanksgiving's origin needs no myths to make it fascinating.

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