Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What Charles Manson Teaches Us About Terror

What Charles Manson Teaches Us About TerrorWhat America’s iconic psychopathic cult leader can teach us about jihadism Read
‘ISIS Opens Sex-Slave Market in Turkey’s Capital’Slave trading has switched from Iraq and Syria to AnkaraRead and Comment
News Analysis
Boston Islamic Seminary Training Next Gen ExtremistsFaculty and guest speakers are spewing extreme anti-SemitismRead
US Kills 100 Terrorists in One AirstrikeAl-Qaeda-linked militants were killed in a manned strike on their camp Read
'How to Beat Your Wife'The guidelines are truly shockingWatch and Comment
Readers Write
“Hell, its a year round thing now over there.”
“So he will be buying a Hijab Barbie for his daughter ... because the doll is a testament to capitalism? Somewhat circuitous logic. I personally wouldn't be encouraging Mattel in this cynical marketing exercise. The more that are bought, the more will be made. The hijab is a minor aspect of Islam, but it does come associated with too many negative associations to do with women's rights and freedoms.”
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