Monday, November 27, 2017

Inside the Jihadi Mind: What Makes It Tick

Inside the Jihadi Mind: What Makes It Tick?A fascinating interview with Dr. Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin, psychoanalyst and counter terrorist expertIn-Depth
Should Artwork From GITMO Prisoners Be Displayed?An exhibit at a NY college is under fire. Take our pollVote
Terror in the Workplace: How to Counter the Threat?Advice from a corporate director of Delta AirlinesRead
Meet Hezbollah - the Non-State SuperpowerThe terror organization is growing in strengthLearn and Share
Readers Write
“Support the reforming House of Saud with intelligence and weapons to decimate the terrorist Iranians.”
“The only reason this is allowed and continues is because we as citizens allow it, and our elected officials refuse to due anything about it”
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