Sunday, November 19, 2017

Judge Jeanine – Fitton Cost Clinton The Election, Now Might Put Her Behind Bars

Judge Jeanine – Fitton Cost Clinton The Election, Now Might Put Her Behind Bars

Judge Jeanine recaps the evidence Judicial Watch has uncovered, citing him as the main reason she’s not President. Sessions, Congress and others failing to do the…

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Tom Fitton joined Judge Jeanine Pirro for a discussion of what is going on at DOJ and much more. In her opening statement Judge Jeanine said that the Sessions House testimony of this week should make believers in the deep state out of anyone who watched it.

Judge Pirro opens up the very complimentary interview with Fitton, recognizing his organization’s accomplishments in bringing the truth that would otherwise have remained buried and outside the public domain.

She says, “Tom, I believe that you have even more power than Congress. You have pried loose documents that even Congress can’t get a hold of.”  Pirro says she wants to inform her viewers of who he is and what he’s done.

She points out, “You were the one that unearthed the Obama lie that was peddled by the Obama communications people, that they attributed to the ‘intelligence officials’ that Benghazi was the result of that horrible video.”

She says it was the result of their failed policy from six weeks before the election, and sticking with it so as to not undermine his election chances. That leaves out the untidy matter of the Clinton arms-running to terrorists in Libya and the associated cover up, not wanting to draw attention to their operation.

Fitton says their methods are simple. They ask the questions and when they don’t get answers under the law they go to court. He says, “In Benghazi we went to court, we got that document that showed the big lie out of the White House about the Benghazi terrorist attack and that led to the creation of the select committee.”

He says it was also that same area of litigation that uncovered the Clinton emails, the fact that there was no communication involving her directly meant that she must be using another unknown system. He says, “It’s amazing what happens when you’re willing to go to court and ask these questions.”

He notes their success where Congress failed, even the highly touted Gowdy select committee on Benghazi. Judge Jeanine points to the consequences for the Clintons of his discoveries and how they could have been what cost her the election.

Fitton notes the pathetic record of Congress in investigating these matters and exerting their authority, pointing out that it was in 2014 that they first exposed the Bill Clinton $500,000 speech in their joint collusion with Russia. “So now it’s three years later,” says Fitton, “and we’re still talking about whether we’re going to investigate it. There’s a pile of allegations of pay to play.”

He’s just getting started, saying, “And let me just say this quickly about Attorney General Sessions. You know, James Comey says ‘boo’ and there’s a special counsel appointed to target the President with destruction. And we ask questions about why hasn’t there been a significant independent investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Justice Department is tying itself in knots trying to explain how that decision process is going to be made.”

“They still,” says Fitton, “haven’t figured out what to do.  It’s really outrageous.” He says Sessions should get busy, appoint a counsel within the Justice Department. As for Congress, he asks where they’ve been as well. “They can enforce their subpoenas on their own and they, frankly, can get a select committee and appoint their own special counsel,” as was done in Watergate.

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