Monday, November 20, 2017

Why My Daughter Is Getting Hijab Barbie for Christmas

Why My Daughter Is Getting Hijab Barbie for ChristmasFar from representing creeping sharia, this is a triumph of capitalism Surprised? Read More
Even the Arab World Says Hezbollah Are TerroristsThe Arab League labels Hezbollah at an emergency meetingRead
Guest Blog
Is Anti-Muslim Backlash a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?While we should be concerned attacks are rising, numbers are still very low Read
Do You Want Sharia Neighbors?Is creating Muslim states in the West the way forward?Listen and Comment
Around the MidEast in 40 MinutesWe unravel some of the political mysteriesListen
Readers Write
“Keep up the education, Ryan. Try to get through to Trump.”
“Well since this is now open knowledge, hopefully our counterterrorism officials also are abreast of the situation”
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