Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Convert to Islam Homework - Your responses and poll result

Does Monitoring Muslim Communities Stop Terrorist Attacks?Police halted a monitoring program following complaints of Islamophobia Read
‘Challenge Accepted!’ Muslim Activists Hack ISIS ServersThe hack came after ISIS announced it could handle 'any type of hack'Read
How Many US Soldiers Have Died Fighting Terrorism?This Veteran’s Day Weekend we look at the human price of security Read
What Does the New Saudi Arabia Mean For America?Shaking off decades of reticence, Saudis go after IranRead
Readers Write
“The ad is not bad - but I really don't understand the point of showing Muslims celebrate Christmas. They don't as Jesus is nothing to celebrate according to their faith. It's an ad that tries too hard to be PC.”
“Real women of the year, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Raheel Raza, Brigitte Gabriel, Camille Paglia, among many other astounding, brave and worthy women, would eat her for breakfast, and smilingly devour her slimy arrogance in any debate concerning women. But never mind.😃
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