Monday, November 20, 2017

MONDAY Security Update: Sexual Harassment––Puhleeze!

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Sexual Harassment--Puhleeze!

We've all heard about cockroaches crawling out of the woodwork. Today, every woman who crawls out of the Hollywood/D.C./media woodwork cries "victim!" "I couldn't help myself," "He overpowered me," "It was so intimidating," on and on they bleat, complete with the dab-dab of the eyes to wipe away those manufactured crocodile tears,...

It seems like all the players in the South Asian power game think Balochistan, Pakistan's southwest province on the Arabian Sea, is important - except the United States.

It is the summer of 2024. The North Korean nuclear threat remains, with Pyongyang reportedly having an arsenal of nuclear weapons estimated at from a dozen to fifty warheads. In addition, the North Korean regime has multiple hundreds of missiles and rockets of all ranges...

The death of four Green Berets in Niger, ambushed by insurgents tied to ISIS while returning from a patrol in the company of Nigerien forces (at least five of whom also died), has continued to stir controversy in the press and on Capitol Hill over a month later.

It is simply a matter of reverse engineering. If you get to the Taliban through Pakistan and you get to Pakistan through China, then clearly, Beijing is in the driver's seat. Pakistan merely holds the valve that regulates the Taliban and the supply of our troops.

The Islamic Bedouin peace process, used for negotiating an agreement between two tribes, arrived in Egypt via Saudi Arabia with the Arab conquest.

President Trump's speech to the South Korean parliament on the evil of the Kim Jong-un regime was the best so far of his presidency and has been widely described as "Reaganesque."

She also told Todd that taxpayers absolutely have a right to know if their money is being used to cover for alleged sexual harassers.

The more non-Muslims are killed, abused and enslaved, the more the truth of Islam and the supremacy of Allah are proven with the screams of the wounded, the dying and the families of the dead.

At long last, most of the files captured when U.S. Special Forces killed al-Qaeda's leader in May 2011 have been released. Although bits and pieces have dribbled out, they should have been public long since.

While the world tries to interpret Saudi Arabia's moves to clamp down on corruption and watches the kingdom accuse Iran of an "act of war," a former Reagan official says Saudi Arabia is gearing up for the very real possibility of a "very, very bloody" war with Iran.

Terrorist Sayfullo Saipov, who drove a truck into pedestrians and bicyclists in NYC on Halloween immigrated from Uzbekistan and pledged his allegiance to ISIS, was the most recent foreign national with suspected ties to terrorism.

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